How did Sai die?

How did Sai die?

One of India's most revered spiritual leaders, Sri Satya Sai Baba, has died in hospital at the age of 84. The guru, who suffered respiratory problems and kidney failure, died in his hometown Puttaparthi after a cardiac arrest, doctors said.

Who killed Sai?

In the anime, Sai and Shin were forced to fight by Danzō but Shin, knowing that he was dying anyway, told Sai to report to Danzō that he had killed him in battle. Before dying, Shin told his brother that he had to suppress his feelings, and to live for the both of them.

What happens to SAI in Naruto?

(Nearly a year after the end of the Fourth Shinobi World War .) During a mission in the land of silence, Sai fell under the Genjutsu of it's leader. He fought Shikamaru and made him captive, faced Temari and wounded her but was defeated by Sakura and restrained by Choji.

Does Sai betray Naruto?

Though, as kabuto unties Sai, he attacked Kabuto and declared his betrayal to Orochimaru saying that he wants to know how Naruto feels for his friend Sasuke. Sai then helped the Team 7 look for Sasuke after some interrogations to Kabuto. ... Sai and Naruto then decided to have a rest as they tell stories about each other.

Is Sai a good guy?

Well-Known Member. He's a good guy. He cares for Naruto and Sakura and started developing a bond with them,and is showing feelings sometimes.

Is Sai Uchiha?

no. Sai was an orphan. He had no other attachments to anything or anyone other than Root and Danzo. If he were an Uchiha, surely by now his dojutsu would have been made a prevalent part of the series (along with an attempt by Danzo to steal the eyes).

Is danzo a bad guy?

Yes, it's true, Danzo is not a villain. He is an antagonist though and Kishimoto really tries too hard to make us hate Danzo. ... Years later, Danzo still desires peace and learns of the coup the Uchiha are planning. At the same time, he learns of Shisui's plan to use Kotoamatsukami to end the coup peacefully.

Is Orochimaru still evil?

When asked if Orochimaru was still good, Kishimoto answered that Orochimaru is "truly evil" and that he is one of the several "hopeless evil characters" that appear in the series.

Is Orochimaru good now?

Even though Orochimaru has scaled back his operations and their actions, he hasn't stopped experimenting. He may not be attacking villages anymore, but he's still mixing ninja power with science to try to make himself a form of immortal. Living a very long time doesn't seem to satisfy him.

Why is Orochimaru not in jail?

However, Orochimaru was placed under house arrest and guarded by Yamato. Some of the filler uses this in a purely comedic way (and damn if some of it isn't roll on the floor laughing funny) but the point is that he was placed under house arrest because he would have just escaped from prison.

Who married Kabuto?


Is Kabuto dead?

Kabuto is not dead in Boruto and not even in genjutsu. Yes, you heard right kabuto in Boruto is running an orphanage house and that of genjutsu he break it during the war by excepting his own reality and by don't turning in orochimaru and even save sasuke. ... Kabuto taking shin clones in orphanage.

Was Orochimaru forgiven?

FIRST, Orochimaru helped a lot in the Fourth Great Ninja War. He helped in the rejuvenation of the Five Kage after they were wrecked by Madara. He also used Edo Tensei to summon the Four Hokages,which turned the tide of the war. ... This is why Orochimaru was forgiven and is allowed to roam free.

Is Orochimaru immortal?

Yes Orochimaru is immortal. He(or she) can't be killed. He is one of the legendary Sanin. He can regenerate himself with new and better body by different means.

Does Gaara marry?

As far as we know, Gaara has never married or had any children, which proved to be a source of fear for the people of Sunakagure. This was mostly because Temari had married Shikamaru from Konoha. ... Gaara became a foster father to a young ninja named Shinki.

Why did Gaara quit?

Gaara got away with killing like half of his village as a kid and a couple of people in the chunin exams in cold blood then he became kazekage. I don't think attempted murder would do much damage to his "clean" reputation. ... There were people killed in the second trial and no one batted an eye.

Is Gaara in love with Naruto?

they are very simmilar and their relationship are not ordinary.At the beginning ,when gaara have not been kazekage,he was treated as a weapon, he can't love and feel love. ... They are both jinchukkri(Naruto has the nine tails within him and Gaara had the one tail).