How do you use foe city planner?

How do you use foe city planner?

Working with the planner Click on any tile on the Dashboard to load the city. New info and options will appear at the top toolbar when the city is loaded. You will see city name, buttons for different actions and city statistics. Do not forget to save the progress from time to time.

Can you rotate buildings in Forge of Empires?

lol, No you can't rotate the buildings later on, the game changes the way the buildings face at different chapters of the game and you have to rearrange your city to fit them in.

How do I change my name in Forge of Empires?

You can contact support via the ingame dialogue and ask for a change. According to most recent INNO policies you should be allowed to change your name once.

How do you build roads in Forge of Empires?

When placing roads, the most efficient strategy is to use long straight lines and to place buildings along the roads with their short sides touching them. Arrange your buildings in rows or columns two buildings wide, and place roads on both sides of each row/column.

Do great buildings need roads?

A Great Building must be connected by roads to provide benefits or to allow Forge Point contributions.

What is a two lane street in Forge of Empires?

The Tarmac Road is a two-lane street of the Progressive Era. It can connect buildings that need to be connected to the Town Hall.

How do I delete roads in Forge of Empires?

yes. click sell, then click on the section of road. keep clicking road until all the offending pavement is gone.

How do I increase my available population in Forge of Empires?

To gain population residential buildings must be built. Some of the Great Buildings and special residential buildings also provide population. Population is needed to build production, military and goods buildings. Each of those building require certain amount of available population.

How do you get more supplies in Forge of Empires?

Getting supplies

  1. Production Buildings. Players can set production orders to the production buildings which then start to produces supplies. ...
  2. Special Buildings. Many special buildings produce supplies. ...
  3. Great Buildings. Many of the Great Buildings also produce supplies. ...
  4. Quests. ...
  5. Guild Expedition. ...
  6. Events. ...
  7. Incidents. ...
  8. Plundering.

How do you get more expansions in Forge of Empires?

Reward expansions are unlocked by researching certain technologies in the technology tree or rewarded upon the conquest of a certain provinces on the campaign map. Once unlocked players must pay coins to place those expansion. Alternatively players can pay diamonds instead. Victory expansions can be bought for medals.

Are wishing wells worth it in Forge of Empires?

If you don't yet have any of those Great Buildings, the Wishing Well is a great bargain, and worth building more than one (if you can). The Well can also be nice to have for forge points, medals and sometimes diamonds, if you have the space available in your City.

How do you get diamonds in Foe?

Players can receive diamonds in game through some quests, buildings, Guild Expeditions rewards and conquering certain provinces, however those occurrences are fairly rare. 250 diamond package as a daily price in a single day of the event. Diamonds are shared between all worlds on your same account.

How do you get medals in Foe?

Medals can be earned from completing quests. Some quests have medals as a reward, while others have a random reward with a chance of it being medals (for example recurring quests). The medals earned from random rewards increase when the player progresses through the ages. For exact amounts see Random Quest Rewards.

How do you get a rogue hideout in Forge of Empires?

Rogue Hideout is a special military building that can be won during Events and Daily Challenges. Rogues can be trained with this building. Training a Rogue does not cost any coins or supplies, but will take 24 hours. The first two slots to train a Rogue are free.

How do you do PVP in Forge of Empires?

To gain access to a PVP Tower players must first acquire a province that holds the corresponding tower. This is usually the first, second or third province on an Age's map. A player who conquers a province that has a PVP Tower can earn Battle Points by winning battles.

What is the goal of Forge of Empires?

The main goal of the game is to expand and develop a city, evolving from the Stone Age to the Colonization of an asteroid belt.

How do you move up your age in Forge of Empires?

Don't advance too quickly through ages. At the end of each age, use your forge points to level great buildings, hoard goods, trade up for more, and otherwise get stronger. Then make the leap when you get bored and need a new adventure. The longer you camp out, the more prepared you'll be when you advance.

Can I sell my Forge of Empires account?

Most Forge of Empires accounts sell for between $50 to $500. The more features your account has, the higher you can sell it. Check the accounts that other sellers have for sale and use that to set your own price.

How much data does Forge of Empires use?

it averages out to be 1 MB per go / time.

Is Forge of Empires really free?

Forge of Empires is free to download and install. However, some game features can also be purchased for real money.

Can you play Forge of Empires without buying diamonds?

Most of the premium items and services offered in the game can be acquired without spending diamonds / real money. The methods are as follows: Purchasing bonuses at the Tavern. You can gain powerful boosts to the coin or supply production or to the effectiveness of your troops.

How much money does Forge of Empires make?

Forge of Empires, first launched in 2012, helped the company make the shift to mobile (2014-2015), and it accounted for more than $552 million (500 million euros) of the total revenues.

What is sniping in Foe?

Sniping is something that is going to happen. ... In general, sniping is when you actively seek out GBs that don't have a lot left to go to a level, and you're able to swoop in and steal a really good spot for cheap and make a profit.

How do I stop being robbed in Forge of Empires?

Simply tap one of the units and then select the blue "shield"-icon to add it to your city defense: Lastly, the Friends Tavern also offers a city shield for a bit of tavern silver. This will prevent other players from mounting an attack against your city and thus also prevent them from plundering it.

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