Who raps in Bring Me to Life?

Who raps in Bring Me to Life?

Bring Me to Life
"Bring Me to Life"
Songwriter(s)Amy Lee Benjamin Moody David Hodges
Producer(s)Dave Fortman
Evanescence singles chronology

How old is Amy Lee?

39 years (Decem)

How tall is Amy Lee?


What does Evanescence mean?

noun. the quality of being fleeting or vanishing quickly; impermanence: the evanescence of dreams. the act or fact of vanishing quickly: The target audience is left only with the dominant message after the evanescence of the advertisement.

What is Amy Lee Worth?

How much is Amy Lee Worth? Amy Lee Net Worth: Amy Lee is an American singer-songwriter and classically trained pianist who has a net worth of $12 million. Amy Lee is co-founder and lead vocalist of the rock band Evanescence.

How much is Seether worth?

Seether Net Worth 2019 Seether's revenue is $41.

Does Amy Lee have tattoos?

I only have one tattoo on my body, and it's a 'Zelda' tattoo. ... I love 'Breath of the Wild,' I think it's the best one yet."

Who did Amy Lee marry?

Josh Hartzlerm. 2007

Who was Amy Lee dating?

Amy Lee started dating longtime friend Josh Hartzler in 2005. They married on . The couple had son Jack Lion Hartzler on J.

Does Amy Lee have a child?

Jack Lion Hartzler

Where is Amy Lee from Evanescence?

Riverside, California, United States

Is Amy Lee back with Evanescence?

Evanescence's Amy Lee, Queen of Goth Girl Style, Is Back With New Music. Save this story for later. Save this story for later. It's been 10 years since Evanescence released a new album.

What high school did Amy Lee go to?

Middle Tennessee State University

Who does Amy Lee sing for?


Who is the male singer in Bring Me to Life?

Paul McCoy

When did bring me to life come out?


Is Evanescence a goth?

Critics vary in terming Evanescence a rock or metal band, but most identify them as some form of gothic band. Publications such as The New York Times, Rough Guides and Rolling Stone have identified Evanescence as a gothic metal act, while other sources such as IGN, Spin and NME have termed them gothic rock.

When was my immortal released?


Who actually wrote my immortal?

Tara Gilesbie

What album is my immortal on?


Who died in Evanescence?

Amy Lee

How did Evanescence sister die?

Bonnie Lee was the daughter of John Lee and Sarah (Cargill) and the sister of Amy, Carrie, Lori, and Robby. She died in 1988 at age 3 from an unidentified illness.

How much does Amy Lee weigh?

140 pounds

Who is Evanescence lead singer?

Amy Lee

Is Evanescence Goth or emo?

Roling Stone and NY Times has idetified them as goth metal act . Some say they are nu metal . Yes, in a sense of their style, but their music is mainly mainstream rock, also the original singer and founder of the band Amy Lee is no longer with them.