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  1. Is Felwinter dead?
  2. Can you still get death to Kells?
  3. What is the storyline of destiny?
  4. Can you get Eriana's vow in season 11?
  5. Where is the colonel Destiny 2?
  6. Is Red Death 2 destiny?
  7. Is sleeper simulant any good?
  8. Where did the Leviathan go Destiny 2?
  9. How do you find lost sectors in Destiny 2?
  10. How do you get primeval slayer?
  11. Where is the ascendant challenge this week?
  12. Who is the speaker of the House's boss?
  13. Who got world's first king's fall?
  14. Is crown of sorrow farmable?
  15. Where is Ecthar Sword of ORYX?
  16. Who are the Redjacks?
  17. What was rivens last wish?
  18. Where is the hive Cryptoglyph?
  19. How do you get the thousand wings ship?
  20. How are EXO's made destiny?
  21. Where do I spend strange coins in destiny?
  22. Who is ahamkara destiny?
  23. What is Ana Bray?
  24. How do you get bones of EAO?
  25. How do I get exotic ornaments?
  26. Will there be destiny 3?
  27. Did drifter help kill Cayde?
  28. How do you get Eriana's vow in Destiny 2?
  29. Is Shaxx a human?
  30. What happened to the Dreadnought?
  31. How do you get Unfinal shapes?
  32. Who created vex?
  33. Where did the VEX come from?
  34. How do I complete the whisper in Destiny 2?
  35. Is there a worm God on Titan?
  36. What is a strike playlist in destiny?
  37. Who is Dul Incaru?
  38. Is Oryx coming back?
  39. Where is the dreaming city located?
  40. How do I get the touch of malice?
  41. What planet has the most hive?
  42. How do I get to Nessus in Destiny 2?
  43. Does Cayde have a son?
  44. Where is the dead ghost in the gatehouse?
  45. How do you get the perfect paradox shotgun?
  46. Is the last word in Destiny 2?
  47. How old is Lord Saladin?
  48. How do you use eye of Riven?
  49. How do I get to Smidur's Cavern Destiny 2?
  50. How Long Does season of the undying last?