How old is Lord Saladin?

How old is Lord Saladin?

around 400 years old

Where can I buy Lord Saladin?

Lord Saladin can be found in the Tower, above the Vaults. You will have to either use the stairs near Banshee-44 or climb up the main structure to reach Lord Saladin. He can be found standing in front of his giant, flaming Iron Banner icon.

Was Shaxx an iron Lord?

During the Dark Age, Shaxx was a Warlord, but unlike the others, he was kind and met Felwinter, who challenged him countless times, he didn't trust the Iron Lords since their wars had left his people homeless.

Did the drifter help kill Cayde?

Here is the thing. A reminder while The Drifter deals with hive magic he failed at making a weapon of sorrow. Malfeasance was a gun where he tried to make it better than thorn by using taken energy.

Is it better to side with the drifter or Vanguard?

Right now the only difference is that if you pick the Vanguard you get some lore items that you receive, not game items, but you unlock some lore entries. If you pick Drifter you get different ones. For more players with multiple characters we pick one side with a character and then the other with another character.

Is the last word the Golden Gun?

In Destiny 2, the Golden Gun changes appearance based on the skill tree picked. For Way of the Outlaw, the Golden Gun keeps its default appearance, that of The Last Word. For Way of the Sharpshooter, it resembles the legendary hand cannon, Eyasluna.

Who replaces Cayde 6 in the tower?

The Exo Stranger

How did Eris morn lost her eyes?

Alone, Eris wished upon her Ahamkara talisman, and it helped guide her through the dark tunnels on the Moon. To survive, Eris used the Hive's own Darkness against them. When the Hive eventually took her human eyes, Eris replaced them with the eyes of a Hive enemy.

How did Eris morn lost her ghost?

They were to kill Crota before the looming Hive threat reached Earth and the Traveller. But their plan went horribly wrong. The Fireteam was seemingly killed, and Eris Morn lost her Ghost. Trapped under the surface of the Moon, deep in Hive territory the Hellmouth she survived.

Will Cayde 6 ever return?

Why Cayde-6 Really Isn't Coming Back Well, for one thing, Bungie has repeatedly stressed the impossibility of bringing Cayde-6 back, particularly as part of a narrative twist. The studio has been very clear about this. No, it wouldn't be the first time a studio lied to create momentum for a shock reveal.