Where is the hive Cryptoglyph?

Where is the hive Cryptoglyph?

In the Deep – Power 800 Archer's Line, The Moon – Somewhere in the horrific depths of the Hellmouth lies the Hive Cryptoglyph.

How do you open Cryptoglyph 2 in destiny?

First, to open the Cryptoglyph, enter this exact rune sequence by turning the different rows: Inside the Cryptoglyph is a card that leads to one of two URLs that fans have discovered so far, either Bungie.net/hope or Bungie.net/dust.

Where is in the deep Destiny 2?

In the Deep is the second story mission of the Shadowkeep Campaign and the thirty-seventh Story mission of Destiny 2....
In the Deep
Player:1 - 3
Recommended Light Level:800
Location:Archer's Line, Moon
Objective(s):Venture into the Hellmouth and retrieve the Cryptoglyph for Eris Morn

How do you unlock the pit of heresy?

How to unlock the Pit of Heresy dungeon

  1. Speak with Eris to get the Deepening Wake quest item. Travel to Sorrow's Harbor and participate in the new activity, Altars of Sorrow. ...
  2. You must clear at least a Tier 3 wave in order to complete The Deepening Wake. ...
  3. Once the Deepening Wake quest is completed, speak with Eris to unlock the Pit of Heresy dungeon.