How do you spell Motherlode?

How do you spell Motherlode?

Although you may dig a load of ore out of a mother lode, the spellingmotherload” is a mistake which is probably influenced by people thinking it means something like “the mother of all loads.” A “lode” was originally a stream of water, but by analogy it became a vein of metal ore.

How do I get a Hornwright ID card?

To get a Hornwright Executive ID card, first you'll have to head one floor down to the human resources department, where you'll find a set of terminals. These control the Hornwright Hiring System. You basically need to get hired by Hornwright at an executive level in order to get the ID card.

How do you get into Hornwright estate?

The Hornwright Estate access keycard is located on the top floor executive level of the Hornwright Industrial headquarters. One can also be found inside the Hornwright summer villa, on a cart in the basement. The estate has four floors in total, filled with useful loot and information about the Hornwrights.

Can you get into Vault 63?

It is not currently possible to open the Vault 63 door or officially access its interior without using glitches.

Where is the Hornwright safe room key?

The safe room is at the Hornwright Estate, but while the elevator goes all the way down to it, entry is barred by a laser grid. The player character needs to head all the way to the top of the Mega-Mansion and use Penelope Hornwright's computer in her chamber at the western end of the mansion to print a keycard.

Where is Eyebot sensor module?

Locations. During the quest Trade Secrets, a single Eyebot sensor module can be retrieved from any destroyed Eyebot. One Eyebot in particular is given a map marker by passing a Charisma 4+ check with Penelope Hornwright; a destroyed Eyebot in the workshop at the Hornwright Estate.

Where can I find a Robobrain interpolator?

You will be able to collect the Interpolator from any Robobrain enemy that you kill. Check the options below the loot menu and you will see there is an option to to get the item.

Where is Robobrain fallout 76?

A special Robobrain which can be found in the control room of a missile silo. It can be controlled from the locked security station terminal (Hacker 3) in the area.

Where is the Eyebot in Fallout 76?


  • 98 NAR Regional.
  • Prickett's Fort.
  • Torrance House.
  • Watoga.
  • Camp McClintock.
  • A random encounter can be seen with an Eyebot playing flute music and three rats are following along.

How do you start invisible ties in Fallout 76?

Fallout 76 Wastelanders Invisible Ties

  1. Rewards.
  2. Talk to Jen. The quest starts off with you going to Jen regarding the Vault heist. ...
  3. Kill a Liberator and collect its body. Fast travel to Vault 76, and around the area you should be able to find a Liberator. ...
  4. Go to the 7th hole. ...
  5. Explore the Deep. ...
  6. Confront the Spy. ...
  7. Meet Jen in Foundation. ...
  8. Talk to Paige.

How do you get into the Dyer chemical sewer?

The interior sewer can be accessed via a pipe hatch on the western side of the facility. It requires the Dyer Chemical ID card to open, found on the body of Nari Samir just south of Haven Church as part of the Tracking Unknowns quest.

How do I start trade secrets in Fallout 76?

To start the Quest, you must fast travel to Charleston Herald. Once there, head inside the Hornwright Industrial HQ. Here you'll find few Scorched Wanderer's. Kill them and head up the elevator on the right, on the upper floor kill more enemies and move up from the other elevator on its right.

Where is the Hornwright summer villa?


How do you kill an Assaultron in Fallout 76?

Mines are great since it focuses a lot of damage to their legs/torso. If there are other targets; go for the Combat Inhibitor, then just try to stay out of its way until theres one or two others left. Then take out the legs like normal. MIRV Fat Man to the everything should take them out pretty fast.

How tall are Assaultrons?

At 8.

How do I get the Assaultron body in Fallout 76?

For the pristine Assaultron body, you either need to pick the skill 3 lock on the far side of the Handy showroom, or look on the left-hand side of the room. There's a hole in the wall here which leads to an attic. In the attic, you'll find a note.

Where can I kill robots in Fallout 76?

Silos. There's about 10 liberators around Vault 76 entrance (and they respawn quite a bit over time since everyone uses the free fasttravel to hop). Another 10+ at Tygart Water Treatment (north of Summerville, South of Helvetia), sometimes more if the other enemy spawn there rolls more. ~8 around Chareston train yard.

What weapon works best against robots Fallout 4?

Probably the best ones in the game. But currently, I agree with General Chao's Revenge. However, legendary robots explode like a mini nuke after they die, so I tend to stay away from melee robot weapons if you play on survival. I like a troubleshooter's laser rifle.

What is the code for Gauley mine?


Should I kill Crane fallout 76?

You can either let him go, kill him yourself, or let Solomon kill him. Choosing any of the option will result in his death anyway. After Crane is dead, loot his body to get a map and a keycard. After obtaining these items, you will have to make your way to Gauley Mine.

Where is the ID card for Gauley mine?

If you enter through the Gauley Mine exit, go to the right far side of the large open cavern. There will be a small area that is identical to the space marked on Crane's map. There will be a cage nearby that can only be opened via a keypad.

How do you get a military ID card in Fallout 76?

You need a military-issue ID, which you can obtain by completing basic training at Camp McClintock. If you've done that already, you must have your ID printed. Note: The "military-issue ID" is the Soldier's Certificate you receive as a reward for completing Back to Basic. Make sure it is in your inventory.

How do you trigger recruitment blues?

Once you complete the Brotherhood of Steel quest Defiance has Fallen, you must complete the Quest Back to Basic at Camp McClintock to earn a Valid military ID. Once that Quest is completed you can then return to the Brotherhood quest line through this quest, Recruitment Blues.