What is my Battlenet ID?

What is my Battlenet ID?

You can find your BattleTag identifier code in Battle.net Account Management (on the Account > Summary page) or in the Diablo III client when you view your character profile.

How do I create a battle net account?

How to Create Your Blizzard Account

  1. At the top of the screen, near the center select 'Create an Account'
  2. The Account Creation page will contain a form for you to fill in your personal information including: country of residence, date of birth, name, the email address you want to associate the account with, and your security preferences.

Is it safe to send ID to Blizzard?

We'll never use your ID for anything other than verifying account ownership. We delete the copy you send us once the ticket is resolved.

What is government issued ID?

A government-issued ID is an identification document issued by the United States federal or local state government that allows a citizen to identify themselves. Government-issued identification documents are considered a valid form of identification by the authorities.

Why does Blizzard need my address?

User Info: heronz. they need your address because "nuclear launch detected."

How old do I have to be to have a blizzard account?


How do you pay blizzard?

The Blizzard Shop accepts the following payment methods:

  1. Blizzard Balance.
  2. Credit Card (American Express*, MasterCard, Visa, Discover)
  3. Debit Card.
  4. PayPal.

How do I set up a blizzard balance?

Visit the Blizzard Shop. Go to Blizzard Balance. Select 'Add/Gift Balance' Choose the amount you want to send.

Can I gift my Blizzard balance?

It is not possible to give your Balance to someone else. However, you can buy Blizzard Balance as a gift on the Blizzard shop. If you have multiple accounts and you added Balance to the wrong one, contact us.

Can you use battle net balance for WoW time?

It is not possible to pay a recurring subscription with Battle.net Balance, but you can use Balance to buy digital game time. ... When you buy digital game time as a gift, a code will be sent to the recipient's email once your order is complete.

Can you gift WoW time?

You cannot directly gift a recurring WoW Game Time Subscription to your friends. However you can gift Battle.net Balance which your friend can then use to acquire Game Time, or gift your friend Game Time directly. ... After gifting it, there may be another three days before the Balance is usable.