Is there any way to save mordin?

Is there any way to save mordin?

No. The only way to save Mordin is to destroy the genophage data in ME2 with Wreav in charge of the Krogan. You can't save both Mordin and Wrex. ... You can only talk him down if Eve did not survive (requires destroying Maelon's data in ME2) and Wreav leads the krogan (requires Wrex to not survive ME1).

Can Thane survive ME3?

There is no way to save Thane in ME3, his death is part of a scripted event to help show the emotional impact that on Sheppard.

What happens if Tali died in me2?

Wikia - "If Tali does not survive the events of Mass Effect 2, her role in Mass Effect 3 is replaced by Admiral Shala'Raan vas Tonbay." Actually it's Admiral Xen but w/e. Don't buy the game if you don't like the ending.

What happens if Thane dies in me2?

If Thane dies the salarian council member dies or is saved by Kirrahe if he survived ME1. If grunt dies he's just replaced by some other krogan.

What happens if Shepard dies in Mass Effect 2?

That Shepard's story ends with their death. Mass Effect Producer Casey Hudson has stated the following: ... If you have a dead Shepard at the end of Mass Effect 2, that saved game won't import into Mass Effect 3. You can play Mass Effect 3 if you died in Mass Effect 2 of course, but you'll have to create a new Shepard.

Does Shepard live in Destroy ending?

Shepard is indeed alive at the end of the "Destroy" ending.

Is there going to be a mass effect Andromeda 2?

New Mass Effect Is a Sequel to BOTH the Original Trilogy & Andromeda. ... Plans for a direct sequel to Andromeda fizzled out, but the trailer for this new Mass Effect entry has deliberately hinted that it will be connected to both the original trilogy and Andromeda.

Did Mass Effect Andromeda make a profit?

EA have just released their latest earnings report and it seems like Mass Effect: Andromeda was a sales success, despite widespread criticism. “Digital net sales were $681 million, a new record for the first quarter, and up $113 million on the year-ago period. ...

Did they ever fix Mass Effect Andromeda?

Naturally, BioWare issued a patch, after which Mass Effect: Andromeda became a much better game. Yet, shortly after they ended all work on the franchise in favor of (the also poorly-received) Anthem.

Is Mass Effect Andromeda worth it 2020?

It's a decent game if you have nothing else to do and if it's on sale. Just keep your expectations low and you should be fine. Andromeda is actually a pretty decent game. ... The story doesn't stand up to the first three games at all, but the combat is fun, the vehicle sections are improved, and the graphics are good.

Is Andromeda good now?

Returning to Andromeda in 2021 is surprisingly fulfilling. It looks and runs great on the latest PC hardware thanks to the powerful Frostbite engine, and in the months after launch, when I first played it, BioWare clearly toiled on fixing many (but by no means all) bugs and laughable animation glitches.

Is Mass Effect worth playing in 2020?

Most of the DLC for ME2 and ME3 is fantastic and all of it worth playing. The only DLC you can avoid is Pinnacle Station in ME1, it's just a combat simulator with no real narrative. As for mods, the only ones I would recommend for a first playthrough are the texture packs.

How many hours is mass effect Andromeda?

All Styles
Main Story17818h 50m
Main + Extras79664h 16m
Completionists32596h 43m
All PlayStyles1.

Is Mass Effect Andromeda worth $10?

Absolutely. For 10 bucks it's a steal despite the game's shortcomings. Paid 120€ for my spec edition pre order and still don't regret it. (Most ppl prolly think I'm crazy) but yeah I'd say it's worth $10.

How do you save Andromeda in Mass Effect?

To save your game, simply bring up your main menu and direct your left analog stick upwards to highlight the 'Save' option. Hit the A button (or X if you're on PS4) to select it, and then choose a save slot to save in.

Is Mass Effect Andromeda boring?

It's not boring, not gameplay-wise at least.

Who can you romance in Mass Effect Andromeda?

Characters you can romance as Male Ryder: