How do you complete defending the Broken Isles?

How do you complete defending the Broken Isles?

Complete the quest line associated with a zone experiencing a Legion Assault, which will end with a scenario quest that follows the naming scheme "Battle for " (e.g. Battle for Azsuna). Once the scenario quest, regardless of which zone, is turned in, Defending Broken Isles will be marked as complete.

Do Legion invasions give rep?

No rep for legionfall from invasions.

What level should I start legion quests?

If your character is level 50 or above, visit the Hero's Call Board in Stormwind or the Warchief's Command Board in Orgrimmar and pick up the Broken Shore option "Fight The Legion". This will grant you the quest "The Legion Returns" (Alliance/Horde).

Are there two Dalarans?

Yes, there's Dalaran (Legion) and Dalaran (Northrend) which are entirely separate. From a lore perspective they are both the same city, just at different points in time.

Why is dalaran in a bubble?

Dalaran was destroyed by Archimonde at the end of Wc3 after Arthas and Kel'thuzad summoned him, that's why it's in this magic bubble. I think it's meant to be being magically restored or something.

How do I get to original dalaran?

Go to the portal room in Orgrimmar. It's literally right there. If you take the boat to Northrend, The one in Stormwind goes to Valance Keep, you can fly to Dalaran from there.

Where is the Dalaran Crater portal?

Silverpine Forest

How do I get from old dalaran to New dalaran Legion?

Easiest way of getting into Dalaran (Northrend) after the launch of Legion (Patch 7) from the new Dalaran:

  1. Use your Dalaran Hearthstone to get to Dalaran (Legion)
  2. In Dalaran (Legion), take the Portal to Vale of Eternal Blossoms.
  3. From there, fly to your faction's Shrine/City (Alliance/Horde)

Is there a portal to Argus?

To start the Argus questline, you need to complete the Hand of Fate quest. ... You may have to redo a quest or two to complete the scenario and open the portal.