Is this riven good?

Is this riven good?

Riven is a very good champion, but her learning curve risks a lot, but the reward is incredibly fruitful. Riven is one of the champions that have an incredibly high, almost infinitely high skill ceiling. You can almost always improve at her, no matter what point you are in learning her.

How many times can you roll a riven?

Infinite. Check out brozime's video on noobtube to get the best technical explation. Short version - rerolling for the "perfect riven" can actually take several lifetimss of kuva farm. freddy fazframe's energy pizzeria (now 99% jumpscare free!)

How do you get the riven mod you want?

You will need to have completed The War Within story missions to have access to Sorties, and only Level 30 Warframes can take part in the missions. You can hand in 10 Riven Slivers each week to Palladino, at Iron Wake on Earth, and in return, she will give you a Riven Mod.

How do you get to iron wake?

Iron Wake first appears during the Chains of Harrow Quest as the place where the player regroups with Paladino. It later becomes available to access at any time after the completion of the aforementioned quest. Iron Wake is accessible by selecting Earth in the Navigation Console.

Where can I find Palladino?

Palladino Location Palladino can be found at Iron Wake, on Earth. Iron Wake is a Steel Meridian outpost that you will first get access to during the Chains of Harrow quest. Once the quest is completed, an Iron Wake node will appear on the navigation map of Earth, and you can visit it whenever you wish.