Where is the exotic sniper in Division 2?

Where is the exotic sniper in Division 2?

How to get The Division 2 Nemesis Exotic sniper rifle

  • Step one: Tidal Basin stronghold. ...
  • Step two: Capitol Building stronghold. ...
  • Step three: Roosevelt Island stronghold. ...
  • Step four: District Union Arena stronghold. ...
  • Step Five: Grand Washington Hotel.

How do I unlock targeted loot in Division 2?

Once you have reached World Tier 5 / level 40, you can switch to the mega map and activate the “display targeted loot” option. This will display exactly where what items drop and where you need to search for the specific items.

Where is the green gear in Division 2?

There are currently three different green gear sets in The Division 2: Hard Wired, Ongoing Directive and True Patriot. All of these green special gear pieces are only available to those who have unlocked World Tier 5, and they are designed to be end-game gear sets.

Where do you get water in Division 2?

You can find the water in large blue barrels that still have their lids on. Food can be found in large green tubs that have their lids on still. Components are the worst, they are in a box that looks like every other box you loot in the game.

How do I get DZ resources?

Enter the DZ of your choice and find a terminal on the wall, activate it flagging as Rogue and wait out the timer, from doing this you will receive a buff that marks lootable containers on your screen, you can then run the map looting the DZ resource containers to your hearts content.

How do I find receiver components?

Receiver Components Locations The best method to get this material is to dismantle the Weapons you don't need anymore. Since you'll get a lot of Weapons, simply deconstruct those of low-quality, and reuse the Receiver Components to craft better ones. The Receiver Component is a guaranteed drop when you use dismantle.