Where can I farm brood mother?

Where can I farm brood mother?

Farming Locations
EarthTikalExcavation (Dark Sector)
CeresGabiiSurvival (Dark Sector)
UranusAssurSurvival (Dark Sector)

Is Corypheus dead?

Since the Breach, countless rifts have been examined, and the Fade searched by armies of mages in their dreams. All confirm that in his profound absence, Corypheus is no longer a threat. He is dead, or what passes for dead when a physical being is consumed by the Fade."

Is Corypheus the architect?

The Architect is definitely a magister like Corypheus. The character models are far too similar to say otherwise. And in DAI it is mentioned that the original magister's were only known by their titles. Corypheus meaning The Conductor.

Should I kill the architect?

Killing the Architect will yield the Robes of the Architect and the Belt of the Architect. His Grey Warden ally, Utha, has to be slain as well and will yield the Doge's Dodger. Choosing to side with the Architect may require persuasion checks on the companions who are present, otherwise they may become hostile.

Is the architect a magister?

The Architect was the High Priest of Urthemiel and the leader of the Builders "who constructed monuments to the glory of the gods" according to the Great Plan. He was the first Magister to be approached by Sethius Amladaris, the High Priest of Dumat, to join in his endeavour to reach the Golden City.

Is Corypheus in Dragon Age 2?

Dragon Age II. Corypheus is involved in the main quest Legacy. ... As they progress further into the prison, they find former Warden-Commander Larius, who warns them of the danger posed by Corypheus, and attempts to convince them to kill him.

How do you kill Corypheus?

Strategy #1 Start the fight with ranged attacks, which stun Corypheus, giving your tank time to use Tremor or Templar Skills to stun him even more. Corypheus will mostly counter these attacks with skills that deal elemental and spirit damage.

What is Corypheus weak against?

The only one thing Corypheus is very weak against it is poisons. Tears of the Dead with it's full upgrade can do him a massive damage. ... I found that Corypheus is, however, susceptible to high damage weaponry, so basically if he bleeds enough, he'll die, and fairly quickly.

What happens after you defeat Corypheus?

After you defeat Corypheus, Solas will not be available as a party member, nor will you be able to access his inventory.

Is what pride had wrought the final quest?

It's not the final quest, but I would strongly recommend doing this one and the last one in succession. It's a bit jarring, otherwise.

Should I let Morrigan drink from the well of sorrows?

Either Morrigan or the Inquisitor can drink from the Well. Soon after, Corypheus forces his way into the Temple and glides to attack. ... When the Inquisitor and Morrigan later encounter Flemeth, the voices from the Well reveal that she is the vessel of Mythal and whoever drank from the Well can be controlled at her whim.

Can you go back to the Arbor wilds?

Background. The Arbor Wilds is a thick forest located south of the Dales in Orlais. As most of the forest is uncharted and unexplored, many that daringly venture into this alien-like land never return.

What happens if you ally with the Sentinels?

If you allied with the sentinels, one sentinel warrior will assist you in the fight. If you did not ally with the sentinels, he will attack you instead.

What happens if Morrigan drinks from the well?

Morrigan essentially becomes a servant bound to the god/goddess Mythal, who is basically inside Flemeth, and as a result Flemeth can control Morrigan against her will; same with your character if they drink from the well, but in that case Morrigan is free.

What pride had wrought who should drink from the well?

Solas is Fen'Harel (the Dread Wolf) and is indirectly responsible for the events of the game, being the one who gave the orb to Corypheus. Whoever drinks from the well is bound to Mythal (Flemeth) for eternity and can be controlled by her at anytime without them even knowning.

Who should be the divine inquisition?

There are three potential candidates for the role of the next Divine: Leliana, Cassandra, and Vivienne, if players chose to recruit her. While it might seem like the result of who becomes the Divine is inconsequential as it is right at the end of the game, the consequences will likely echo in Dragon Age 4.

What is Flemeth?

Flemeth is a shapeshifter, known as 'the Witch of the Wilds', 'Mother of Vengeance' among the Chasind or Asha'bellanar ("woman of many years" in Elvish).