How often can you do old raids?

How often can you do old raids?

Because in SoO you can run, normal, heroic and mythic in 1 week. But on older Wrath dungeons you can only run once per week regardless of difficulty.

Can you only loot raid bosses once a week?

You can kill a boss as many times per week as you like, but only loot once per difficulty: once in LFR, once in Normal, and once in Heroic. ... Applies to all (non WoW Classic) world bosses.

Is a premium raid pass Unlimited?

Premium raid passes give you unlimited access to all of this as long as you keep shelling out for them.

Can you get more than one free raid pass a day?

You can collect up to one free Raid Pass per day by spinning a Photo Disc at a Gym. Please note you cannot have more than one Raid Pass in your inventory at a time. If you want to participate in more than one Raid Battle per day, you can purchase one or more Premium Battle Passes from the Shop.

Can you hold more than 3 remote raid passes?

If you have 3 or more Remote Raid Passes in your bag, you will not be able to acquire more.

How many remote raid passes can I carry?

three Remote Raid Passes

Do you lose raid pass if you quit?

Unfortunately, no. When you join a Raid Battle, your pass is now gone, even if you back out of the raid before it begins. A lot of times, the reason you'll want to back out is because no one else shows up to participate in the Raid Battle, and it's incredibly difficult to defeat a raid boss on your own.