What is a realm?

What is a realm?

A realm /ˈrɛlm/ is a community or territory over which a sovereign rules. The term is commonly used to describe a monarchical or dynastic state.

Is RotMG dead?

No. Find a full server. It's very alive. Join some of the Realm Discords.

What are realms give examples?

The definition of a realm is an area or a domain. An example of a realm is the general way to speak about a subject like science. An example of a realm is a geographical division of the earth.

Who is the Mad God?


Who created Realm of the Mad God?

Wild Shadow Studios

Is Realm of the Mad God pay to win?

Realm of the God is not at all pay to win. Yes I know they sell Tops and other things in the nexus/spawn, but that doesn't mean it is pay to win. It is not that difficult to get those top items. It's like every other MMO.

Can you earn gold in Realm of the Mad God?

Realm Gold is the premium currency in Realm of the Mad God, obtained through purchase with a credit card, using real-life money.

How much is RotMG worth?

The game itself and the domain name probably worth anywhere from 100,000 USD to 250,000 USD is what I guess I don't see someone buying a game and then not getting initial capitol return in 1-2 years and start profiting. At least 6 dollars, don't listen to these trolls.

What does Soulbound mean in Realm of the Mad God?

Soulbound is the system that RotMG uses for certain rare drops, usually from the most powerful mobs in the game. In RotMG, it simply means that only the person it dropped for can loot it. That means, if you saw it on the ground, it was yours - no one else could pick it up.

What does UT mean in Rotmg?

you would like to help

What is vitality in Realm of the Mad God?

Vitality (Vit) - The rate at which your health regenerates. Wisdom (Wis) - The rate at which your mana regenerates. Hit Points (HP) - This is how much health your character has. When your health reaches.

What does Soulbound mean?

Bind on Pickup

Can Soulbound items be mailed?

You can't send soulbound items to anyone, only account-bound items like for example the Benthic Gear things you can farm in Nazjatar and then send to your alts in order to create their own gear.

Can you unbind items in wow?

There is currently no way to unbind an item without exploiting the assistance of a GM.

How do I get Soulbound enchantment?

Soulbound is enchantment that keeps the enchanted item in your inventory after death. Can be obtained through enchants of level 1 only on a spellbook . It does not work if the mod Mine Factory Reloaded is installed.

Does Enchanting an item make it Soulbound?

You can have a blacksmith attach spurs to a soulbound boot, or an enchanter apply an enchantment to a soulbound item this way. The only way to dispose of one is to either sell it to vendor, hand it over as a quest objective, destroy it, use it as a spell/trade skill reagent, or disenchant it if you're an enchanter.

What is Vorpal enchantment?

Vorpal is a sword Enchantment , added by RedPower 2, that increases the chances of mobs and players dropping a head on death. You can have up to 4 levels of this enchantment. Vorpal also gives a chance to deal greater damage, making it possible to kill mobs with one hit.

What does the smashing enchantment do?

Harvested ores will be smashed to pieces, improving yield. Smashing is an enchantment added by CoFH Core. It can be applied to any Pickaxe and has a single level. ... Any ore mined by a tool enchanted with this will have its drop instantly smashed into 2 of its respective Dusts (3 for Nether Ores).

What does the enchantment holding do?

Holding is a special enchantment added by CoFH Core. It can be applied to certain items and blocks that can store items. The enchantment increases the amount of inventory slots in said items and blocks. The enchantment's maximum level is IV.

What is shimmer Minecraft?

Shimmer is an enchantment added by Ender IO. It can be applied to any enchantable item and has a single level. It has no effect besides giving the item the enchantment glow....
Tooltip textMakes the item shimmer as if it was enchanted. That's all. Really. Nothing more. Yes, it is useless. I know.

What is Curse of holding?

When a selected hotbar spot becomes empty, it is then replaced by any item with the curse of holding. It would be awesome if this curse was attainable via fishing.

What does curse of mending do in Minecraft?

Mending is one of the most powerful enchantments in Minecraft that essentially allows players to restore the durability of certain items and make them stronger with the help of EXP (Experience) orbs. A Mending Enchantment can be used on a variety of items such as tools, weapons, books, and more.

What does Soul Stealer do in Minecraft?

Soul Stealer is an enchantment from Soul Shards that can be applied to any sword. It increases the number of souls obtained from killing mobs. Only 4 levels can be obtained from an Enchantment Table; level 5 can be obtained by combining two level 4 swords on an Anvil. You can also obtain this enchantment from a book.

What is soul stealer?

Soul Stealer is a graphic novel written by Michael Easton, with art by Christopher Shy and published by Black Watch Comics. ... Soul Stealer is an explicit tale of horror and fantasy that follows the pieced-together, Frankenstein-like hero, Kalan, on an centuries-spanning search for his eternal love, the beautiful Oxania.

How does Soul Stealer work in Skyrim?

The Soul Stealer perk allows all Bound Weapons to automatically cast Soul Trap on enemies upon contact. The target still needs to be killed before the spell wears off for the soul to be captured and only one target may be affected at a time.

How do you get a sword of souls in Minecraft?

The soul sword can be obtained at the creation of a new world or a wooden sword. Change between a soul dagger, soul sword, or soul great sword by highlighting a wooden sword and pressing "R". A menu comes up which allows you to choose among the three weapons.

What is the best enchantment you can get on a sword?


How do you make the ultimate sword in Crazy Craft?

The ultimate sword is one of the most powerful weapons obtained by mining only ores. It is crafted like the vanilla recipe, except using an iron ingot replacing a stick and then one titanium and one uranium ingot. You can also make Ultimate Armour and other ultimate tools for a full set.

How do you get the ultimate sword in OreSpawn?

The Ultimate Sword is a weapon added by OreSpawn. It is the strongest of the basic swords, and is crafted with 1 Titanium Ingot, 1 Uranium Ingot and 1 Iron Ingot.