How do you kill the blue vines in God of War?

How do you kill the blue vines in God of War?

As you progress in the story you will reach a mission called The Sickness. In that mission you will get a new weapon that allows you to strike with fire attacks instead of ice. These weapons can be used to destroy vines protecting chests and blocking other switches.

How do you kill the yellow rocks in God of War?

In order to destroy this type of rock, you have to throw an axe into a bomb. The explosion will destroy the stones and reveal the access to e.g. hidden chests. Sometimes the bombs are hung over the rocks and you have to throw them down with the help of Leviathan.

How do you get out of Helheim for the first time?

To exit this area, break apart the Hel Bramble blocking a small tunnel you can use to exit to the large door you found at the end of the temple bridge. It needs two Winds of Hel to charge the door - of which one is already inserted. Look up above the tunnel you came out of to spot the other one and put it in place.

What are the red orbs in God of War?

Red orbs are the most common type of orb, and they're used to level up Kratos' weapons and magic powers. Kratos can get them by defeating enemies, getting even more if he performs a special kill; by smashing just about anything around him with his blades; opening up Red Orb Chests; and racking up Combos.

How do you get past the sap in God of War?

At the top of the bridge, there's a Lore Marker that's encased in sap. To reveal it, head back down the bridge and grab some Shatter Crystal to toss on it, and after exploding it, have Atreus decipher The Long, Cruel War.

How do I change my Atreus bow?

Either of the arrow types can be accessed by Pressing Up on the D-Pad on the PlayStation 4 Controller. When you press up on the d-pad, you'll notice that the color of the arrow changes in the bottom right hand portion of the screen. Blue Arrows mean that Atreus can interact with Blue Crystals in the world.

How do you beat Hraezlyr?

Hraezlyr Boss Fight Tips and Strategy

  1. Running, not dodging, is the key to avoiding lightning blasts.
  2. There are two sap desposits, found on the sidelines of the battlefield.
  3. Wait until Hraezlyr is glowing with lightning to throw the sap orb at the boss.

How long is God of War?

All Styles
Main Story99228h 21m
Main + Extras1.

Is Kratos the strongest God?

Being the son of Zeus would mean instant Super Strength, and Kratos is a supreme level one at that. His feats of strength are stuff of legend. He was able to withstand attacks from gargantuan titans and even overpower them.

Why is Kratos immortal?

He is not immortal because he can die. He is super powerful and very very hard to kill. He also rapidly recovers from non-fatal injuries. ... By the end of GoW 3, Greece had hardly anything capable to kill Kratos and when he arrives to the Norse Myth, he finds the will to live due to Atreus and Faye.