Where does the heart of thorns start?

Where does the heart of thorns start?

Getting thereEdit. The Heart of Thorns expansion is required to access this region. Activate the Heart of Thorns story in your Story Journal in the hero panel, then go to the Silverwastes and talk to the scout at the green star near Red Rock Bastion.

Why is heart of thorns so hard?

Heart of Thorns aimed for a very different style and audience than what the core game is and what Path of Fire is. HoT is built around group play and large event chains. It wasn't designed for small scale events around the map like many of the core tyria ones and PoF, and thats why it feels hard.

How do you get the heart of thorns map?

Be invited to a Guild based at either Lost Precipice (leading to Verdant Brink) or Gilded Hollow (leading to Auric Basin) and use the button on the Guild Panel (press G by default) to enter it. From there, it is a short walk to enter the corresponding map.

Can I buy path of fire without heart of thorns?

Q: Is Heart of Thorns included when I buy Path of Fire? A: Yes. As of August 30th, all purchases of Path of Fire will include the Heart of Thorns expansion as well. Users who purchased the Path of Fire expansion prior to August 30th will also receive receive Heart of Thorns free of charge when logging into the game.

Is Heart of thorns free?

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns Is Free with Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire.

How much of GW2 is free?

If you don't want to purchase Guild Wars 2 right away, you can play the entire core version of the game entirely for free. The caveat is that free accounts come with restrictions on certain features that could be used to disrupt the game experience of other users.

Is GW2 dead?

The game is mostly fine, but the company feels like it's dead inside since a few years ago. Not dying at all, in fact it's one of the leading mmo's. More popular than FFXIV and Runescape.

Is Guild Wars 2 pay to win?

No, Guild Wars 2 is not pay to win. Real money cannot buy directly buy better equipment and the in game Gem Store is almost strictly cosmetic, with some emphasis on out of combat utility for convenience.

Is Guild Wars 2 pay to play?

Guild Wars 2 will never require a monthly subscription or any other fees to play! Whether you decide to play on a free account forever or make a one-time purchase to upgrade your account with the latest expansion(s), you have the freedom to continue playing the game without ever spending another dollar.

Is the original Guild Wars still active?

The original Guild Wars first came out in 2005. ... The original Guild Wars, a fantasy MMO set in the world of Tyria, was released by NCSoft in 2005. It was overtaken by a sequel, Guild Wars 2, in 2012. Guild Wars 1 never died, but it fell off the radar half a decade ago, after ArenaNet automated its upkeep in 2013.

How many GB is Guild Wars 2?

50 GB

Is Wow pay to win?

It's in game, that makes it not pay to win. You can buy those items from the ah using gold you earn in game.

How much does WoW cost now?

Players can choose either a one-month WoW subscription for $14.

Should I play WOW Classic or Shadowlands?

Shadowlands feels all around better to play. I think Classic has better leveling and class fantasy, but the end game is fairly weak. ... I played Vanilla to max, not Classic. It was a great experience at the time, but as the game grew, so did I, and I have no interest in 'redoing' it.

Is Shadowlands worth coming back?

YES. Shadowlands is (so far) a great example of a fun and content packed expansion. ... The story is quite neat aswell (However you might need a read up if you haven't played since MoP) The only MAJOR issue with Shadowlands is that Mythic and Raids give way too little loot, which Hopefully Will be fixed in 9.

Should I buy BfA before Shadowlands?

If previous expansions are an indication, then BFA should be included in the base game (and thus freely available to everyone – sans the boost) around the time that Shadowlands goes active. It could be once pre-patch goes live OR it could be once launch happens. ... But it is how the last few expansions have worked.

Can you play Shadowlands without buying it?

If you decided to sit Blizzard's most recent expansion out then I've got good news: you won't need to buy it if you want to jump into Shadowlands whenever it launches later this year.

Does Shadowlands come with a sub?

Does game time come with the pre-purchase of shadowlands? or do I need to buy a sub as well as pre-purchasing the new expansion? If you pre-purchase the Epic Edition, it does come with 30-days of Game Time. ...