Which is the most powerful troop in CoC?

Which is the most powerful troop in CoC?

Dragons are one of the strongest troops, with high HP and high DPS. They also deal small area splash damage (although this splash damage component is very powerful on defense versus a large number of weak troops like Archers). 10 Dragons will usually destroy a full TH7 village in about a minute and a half.

Is CoC banned in Iran?

Iran has banned mobile game 'Clash of Clans' to protect the country's youth from its influence, which the government claims promotes tribal warfare. The ban was urged after a report from psychologists claimed the game encourages violence, tribal war and is extensively addictive.

Is clash of clans against Islam?

Originally Answered: Is Clash of Clans haram? No,it is halal. Allah recommends you to play clash of clans and remove the kafirs. Anything other than your base is non islam and being true islam follower you should remove each and every one of them.

Is PUBG Haram in Islam?

"Our fatwa says that PUBG and other similar games are haram (forbidden) because they can trigger violence," deputy chairman of the Aceh chapter of the council said. Aceh is the only region in Indonesia with Islamic law.

Is Clash of Clans offline?

Clash of Clans Offline is a game based on managing kingdom and empire of town. ... So, to overcome these drawbacks and difficulties, COC MOD APK Of. Clash of Clans MOD APK Offline offers every player to get unlimited gems.

Is Boom Beach offline?

Boom Beach Game - Free Offline Download | Android APK Market.

Is there a problem with clash of clans?

Samsung Clash of Clans Problems For those with a Samsung phone that can't load Clash or it freezes halfway, try clearing the cache and re-installing the game. ... Head to Settings > Apps > All Apps > Find Clash of Clans and hit clear cache. Then restart your phone and try to update or play the game.

Is total conquest an offline game?

Total Conquest Game - Free Offline APK Download | Android… Download Total Conquest 2.