How do you get cryptic dragon?

How do you get cryptic dragon?

Those who doubt the existence of dragons are always the first devoured. Cryptic Dragon (Year 3) is a level 40 Legendary Scout Rifle. It can be Acquired from Crucible. Acquired from Crimson Double.

What should I spend gold on in wizard101?

You could buy mounts from the crowns shop, or buy high level gear and feed it to your pet. Sometimes you get xp, treasure cards, and reagents from that.

How do you get empowers in wizard101?

If you have lots of gold (>300K) or lots of junk pet snacks to sell for lots of gold. Farm the Bazaar to buy them. By gardening, what most have said, Couch Potatoes. Flip them ever time they elder.

How do I get to Wintertusk in wizard101?

You cannot go there until you finish Firecat Alley, Triton Avenue and Cyclops lane. After that you will be sent to Merle Ambrose to go to a couple places, and you will be sent to Krokotopia. You get Grizzleheim at Level 20. If you finish Grizzlehiem and are at least level 50, you can go to Wintertusk.

How many levels does Wintertusk give?

Wintertusk, if you do it in combination with Celestia, will give you a level gain of about 5 or 6 levels for the main quest line. If you do all the side quests as well, you can gain as many as 8 levels in this side world.

How do you unlock Nordrilund in wizard101?

In order to get to Austrilund, Nordrilund, Vestrilund, and Sudrilund also known as Wintertusk you must beat all of Grizzleheim. The last area before you unlock Wintertusk is Ravenscar then you have to defeate these 3 bosses with alot of health so you should bring a friend.