How do I get to excavation site 2 io?

How do I get to excavation site 2 io?

Excavation Site II Location To get to the Excavation Site II on Io, load in at the Giant's Scar, heading under the tunnel, and up the path on the other side towards the large entrance in the cliff face. Run down the ramp, and then go through the first series of rooms. There are enemies in here, but you can ignore them.

Who is above a knight?

rank above a knight
Rank above a knight
Projection behind and above a horse"s hoof (7)

What's higher than a Sir?

The higher honours confer noble titles: “Sir” and “Dame” in the case of knighthoods; “Lord” and “Baron” or “Lady” and “Baroness” in the case of life peerages; and one of the ranks of the hereditary nobility in the case of hereditary peerages.

Who is the highest ranking Duke in England?

Besides the dukedoms of Cornwall and Lancaster, the oldest extant title is that of Duke of Norfolk, dating from 1483 (the title was first created in 1397). The Duke of Norfolk is considered the Premier Duke of England....Dukes in the peerages of Britain and Ireland.
TitleThe Duke of Sussex
Current holderPrince Harry, 1st Duke of Sussex

Who is the richest Duke?

Hugh Grosvenor

Was there a black Duke in England?

Edward was made Duke of Cornwall, the first English dukedom, in 1337. He was guardian of the kingdom in his father's absence in 1338, 1340, and 1342....
Edward the Black Prince
Born15 June 1330 Woodstock Palace, Oxfordshire
Died8 June 1376 (aged 45) Westminster Palace, London