What happened to Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb?

What happened to Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb?

In April 2003, Webb left The Screen Savers to co-host X-Play with Adam Sessler. ... Only Adam Sessler and Webb remained with the network after G4's change in format. After Sessler's employment was terminated in April 2012, Webb was the only original TechTV personality remaining on the network.

What happened to TechTV?

TechTV is a defunct 24-hour cable and satellite channel based in San Francisco featuring news and shows about computers, technology, and the Internet. In 2004, it merged with the G4 gaming channel which ultimately dissolved TechTV programming.

What is G4 video game?

G4, currently owned by NBCUniversal, launched in 2002 with a slate of gaming and pop culture-centered shows such as the longrunning Attack of the Show and X-Play. It closed its operations in 2014. ... Several G4 programs, Attack of the Show and X-Play among them, also began trending.

Who hosted G4?

G4 announced its return after a six-year hiatus last July. Dot Esports confirms Sessler will helm a revival of X-Play, a popular show from G4's golden age that he originally hosted. Pereira will also revive his old outfit, Attack of the Show!

Where can I watch Attack of the Show?

You can watch most episodes of Attack of the Show on archive.org!

Why was Attack of the Show Cancelled?

G4 canceled Attack of the Show! due to low ratings, five months after Kevin Pereira canceled his contract. The series taped its final scenes on Decem, and its final episode was broadcast Janu. ... Three weeks later, they announced that Kevin Pereira would return to host Attack of the Show!.

Is Attack of the show coming back?

G4 is bringing back its video game broadcast network, and now it has named hosts for its announced X-Play and Attack of the Show! ... But their longtime co-hosts Morgan Webb of X-Play and Olivia Munn of Attack of the Show! aren't coming back, at least not so far.

What does Kevin Pereira do now?

Pereira appeared as a co-host on the political webshow The Young Turks on Febru, alongside long-time co-host of the show Ana Kasparian. Kevin is currently developing television shows and digital-media projects outside of G4 through his production company Super Creative.

What does G4 mean in medical terms?

G4 in Medical
1G4Generation 4 Vacuum, Technology, Cleaner
1G4undifferentiated tumor Medicine, Treatment, Health

What happened to xplay?

On Octo, it was reported that the show (along with Attack of the Show!) would cease production after 2012; the one-hour series finale aired Janu. X-Play aired its final episode with an hour-long tribute to the show's history on Janu.

How old is Adam Sessler?

47 years (Aug)

What is XPlay?

XPlay is a drag and drop application created by Mediafour. ... This version integrates an iPod with the Windows operating system, allowing for the iPod to be managed using Windows Media Player, Windows Media Center, iTunes, or XPlay.

How do I get Plex on my LG TV?

The LG TV has the MediaLink service which syncs with the Plex Media Server to let you stream media content to your smart TV.

  1. Press Home on your TV's remote control to access the Home menu.
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How tall is Adam Sessler?


What happened Adam Sessler?

Sessler admitted that he was grateful to no longer work for Fortune 500 companies, saying in The X-Play Insider's Guide to Gaming that he was "very sad" about the job. Sessler currently lives in San Francisco, California, with his wife Amber.

When did attack of the show end?


How can I watch Attack of the Show?

Attack of the Show was very much a current events, pop culture show.

What does Morgan Webb do now?

In September of 2017, Morgan announced her employment at Bonfire Studios where she helps organize the community and other various functions.