How big are Ultralisks?

How big are Ultralisks?

20 meters long

What are the Tyranids running from?

The short answer is that nobody knows. The only thing that the fluff remarks on is that tyranids came from another galaxy and travelled through the intergalactic void. The two reasons suggested are: The Tyranids were running from a spieces superior to them.

Can tyranids eat chaos?

So here's the problem for Tyranids when it comes to Chaos. ... Daemons, being creatures of the Warp, have neither DNA nor biomass for the fleet, so Tyranids probably ignore eating them for the most part. They have no reason at all to consume Daemons that are going to dissipate back into the Warp in a few hours.

What is the biggest tyranid?


Can genestealers infect Space Marines?

The Deathwatch maintains special protocols because space marines can be infected by the gene stealer kiss, but as Chest points out, it doesn't work as it does in mortals. Their implants and genetic markers basically rebel and try to neutralise it causing havoc.

Can the necrons defeat the Tyranids?

Each victory or loss, they learn and adapt. They would eventually create the perfect weapon against the Necrons, who themselves seem unable to develop anything new. Their last creation was the Tomb-Blade, and those are millions of years old. Through numbers and their ability to adapt, the Tyranids would eventually win.

Are necrons overpowered?

Necrons are "overpowered" because they change the meta a bit, side-stepping the plethora of Ignores Cover weapons to ignore cover in favour of Resurrection protocols. They basically have bolters that glance vehicles.

Can necrons be defeated?

Other than that, you cannot defeat them. You can't even destroy a Necron body.

Can the necrons defeat chaos?

However, Necrons fair extremely well against the long game. Chaos has a short attention span and if they start attempted to sever the material world from the warp, things can get very bad for Chaos and have faced warp based enemies before and won.

Can the emperor kill a chaos god?

The power of one of the Chaos powers is much greater. Or it's even possible that like all things of the warp, the Emperor is just part of the big 4 like everything else. Its probably not possible to kill a Chaos God.

Who is the oldest Chaos God?


Who is the strongest Chaos God?


Are the Chaos Gods evil?

As some people have already stated, the chaos gods want, what ever emotion they feed on, to be as extreme as possible. ... But chaos and the warp itself is not evil, but only reflections of our emotions.

Is Sigmar the God Emperor?

Sigmar was a regular dude who became a demi-god/God whilst the Emperor was the souls of a thousand shamans reborn as who he is today. On the other hand, Sigmar was able to forge a realm out of the metal core of the Old World (albeit with the help of space dragon).