What level is shimmering flats?

What level is shimmering flats?

Horde quests in Thousand Needles begin around level 25 and go through level 35. Neutral quests at the Shimmering Flats begin around level 30 and continue to level 35.

Where is shimmering flats classic?

At the southeastern end of Thousand Needles, on the border with Tanaris, lies the Shimmering Flats. Home to the Mirage Raceway, this area is an open expanse devoid of any vegetation and home to various varieties of, among other things, basilisks, scorpids, tortoises, and vultures.

What level is ashenvale Classic?


Where is the flight path in Astranaar?

It lies on an island within a lake, straddling the main road through Ashenvale, connected to the mainland with only a pair of bridges. Astranaar offers a wide range of services, as well as a flight master, to Alliance players....
TrainersClass Profession
TravelFlight Master(s) Mass-transit Portal(s)

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