Is it safe to delete thumbnail cache?

Is it safe to delete thumbnail cache?

The . thumbnails folder is thumbnails preview cache for all the pictures in the device, no personal data is there in the folder, so it is completely safe to delete that.

Will clearing cached data delete text messages?

clearing cache will not delete text messages, but clearing data will delete your text messages, so be sure to backup your entire phone before you clear any data.

Will clearing data delete contacts?

Yes it does! If your contacts are stored in your phone memory it will wipe everything. Sync them to google cloud storage or make a .

How can I delete a message for everyone on WhatsApp after deleting it for myself by mistake?

You can unsend a message by tapping and holding it, hitting the Delete symbol and selecting Delete for Everyone. The feature works for all types of messages, but only if they were sent less than seven minutes ago.

Does deleting WhatsApp chat free up space?

If you choose to delete an item, it will be deleted from your WhatsApp media. Deleted items might still be saved on your device. If you have multiple copies of an item, you'll also need to delete all copies in order to free up space. On the CHATS tab, tap More options > Settings.

Is it safe to delete WhatsApp database?

You can delete them without any harm. The thing is, it won't help you nothing to delete these. WhatsApp will rebuild them day after day till they all are back. You cannot change this backup behaviour of WhatsApp.

Should I delete Msgstore crypt12?

Can I delete Msgstore crypt12? Deleting database files do not affect or delete your chat. You can delete all of them. It will be better for device memory.