What is FC Ffxiv?

What is FC Ffxiv?

Free Companies is the new guild system in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, in addition to Linkshells from the original version. ... To form a free company, the player must first submit a free company petition after acquiring signatures from three other players.

Does it matter which Grand company you join?

Doesn't matter at all. Pick the one you like most/is in the most convenient location/has the glamour items you like.

How do I change my free company?

Go to the Grand Company Headquarters for the faction you want to realign with and speak to the OIC Administrator. There will be an option to 'change free company allegiance.

How do I change my FC crest?

To edit the company crest, a player must have the correct permissions and then speak with an OIC officer of arms located at one of the three Grand Company of Eorzea headquarters. Once a company has attained the proper rank, they will have the opportunity to apply the crest to pieces of armor.

How do you accept a free company invite?

There is no unlock requirement your just trying to access something that you don't have access to. If you are playing on a PS3 press select to scroll through the HUD with the cursor then click on the free company invite that should appear on the right side of the screen and accept the invite.

How do I put my company crest on gear Ffxiv?

You may now add your Free Company logo to your armor. After your FC hits rank 4: Go to the GC that it was started in (or is currently aligned with) and talk to the OIC npc that is not behind a counter. They will let you attach your logo to gear for 100gil each piece.

When can I join a grand company?

Grand Companies are organizations that players will join at around level 20 by completing the main story quests.

What is the difference between the Grand Companies Ffxiv?

What's the Difference Between the Grand Companies? Functionally, all three of the Adders, Flames, and Maelstrom are the same. The differences are in the flavour of their stories, quests, and glamours, and of course the different cities where they are located.

Can you buy company seals Ffxiv?

Company Seals is a special currency that allows the player to purchase items unique to Grand Companies. Players can obtain these seals by completing Grand Company Hunting Log, FATEs, Duty Roulette, certain quests, Grand Company Leves and expert and provision missions.