Where do I use the scepter of Celebras?

Where do I use the scepter of Celebras?

You have to use the scepter in one of the Maraudon portals. When you get into the area, make your way down to the place where you can either go left into the purple section or right into the orange one. Go in the middle to where the first Khanh is. Behind him is a little shrine on the floor.

What level can you tank maraudon?

Advised level46-55
Minimum level30
Player limit5 (10)

What level does Mara run?

you can start them at 30 but it really depends on the levels in the group with you, for example if everyone was above 45 the xp you gain would be terrible. Good to know. May give it a go. I feel like I recovered more of my gold in mara boost.

How do I get to the purple side of maraudon?

Entrance Location The entrance to Maraudon is in Desolace (30, 62). Find the temple-looking doors that mark its outdoor entrance and adventure inside, following a linear path and slaying Centaurs until you arrive at three distinct path options. This page will describe what is past the purple path, to the left.