Is Tristana hard to play?

Is Tristana hard to play?

She's a comparatively easy adc, I'd say. You can play any champ to Masters at least. My assessment of her is she isn't inherently difficult. Not a very high skill floor, as in most people can pick her up and find some degree of success, but in the realm of a champ like ezreal id say she has a high skill ceiling.

Is Tristana broken?

It's not that she's broken or anything, but she has a pretty big design flaw that hasn't been dealt with.

Is Tristana supported?

The beauty with Tristana support is the heavy engage/disengage for great poke. When he enemy is under your tower, feel free to jump and flash behind the ADC and ulti them toward your tower, they wont hit back until they are at a safe distance from it.

Is Tristana good for low ELO?

TLDR: Tristana is sleeper good in low elo where people underestimate her burst damage and can snowball harder than almost any adc if not camped into oblivion. She is independent, and scales very well meaning you don't need a good support and you will be a force at all phases of the game if you play her properly.

What support is best with Tristana?

Braum is a great support for Tristana.

Who synergizes well with Tristana?


  • Aphelios.
  • Lillia.
  • Rell.
  • Samira.
  • Senna.
  • Seraphine.
  • Sett.
  • Viego.

Is Tristana good lol?

Tristana is powerful in the late game and as a result Riot have made sure she doesn't stomp lane every game as well. ... Imo, out of all of the hyper carry late game monster ADCs, she's the most reliable and safe when it comes to "I'll afk in lane and do nothing but farm". She all ins very well.

Is Tristana a good ADC?

Tristana recently became more popular after nerfs to other meta ADCs. She is a great answer to Kai'Sa, who is currently the most dominant bottom laner. With a lot of mobility, strong burst damage, and an attack speed steroid in her kit, Tristana is here to stay in the meta for a long time.

Why is Kaisa Winrate so low?

by your logic, wouldn't you expect a lot of bad cait players? "kaisa has a high playrate, therefore it's no surprise her winrate is low" is nothing more than hindsight analysis. ... That's why you even see pro players missplacing it and flashing backwards almost instantly, because they've misscalculated their damage.

Is Manamune still good on Kaisa?

Manamune actually doesn't do bonus damage on a single target Q anymore, that interaction was removed from Kai'Sa pretty shortly after her release a year ago. However, it still does apply on her W, which makes her poke with evolved W very strong. Not anymore.

Is Kaisa bad now?

Kaisa is strong, but the people may overestimate her due to her presence in proplay. Many of her strengths that make her so strong in proplay aren't as crucial in casual league.

Is Kai SA weak?

And like most champions nowadays, she is quite balanced, weak even to some, and thats what I want to talk about. My personal experiences with Kai'sa have been rather positive. Accompanied by best fish Azu we've won most to all of our games thanks to this champion and her synergy with everything that engages.

What support is good with Kai SA?

Leona from my experience is great. Kaisa is best in those small 2v2/3v3 skirmishes and she can follow from a long range onto pretty much leonas entire kit. Also aggressive playmaking and cc stacking help her out during laningphase.

Who counters Lucian Bot?


Does Lucian counter ezreal?

Lucian has to counter Ezreal in 131.

How do you play against JHIN?

How to play against Jhin

  1. Choose a counter pick.
  2. Hit level 2 first.
  3. Stand away from low health minions.
  4. Play around your level 6 power spike.
  5. Play around Galeforce.
  6. Avoid chokepoints.