How do you activate a speeder in swtor?

How do you activate a speeder in swtor?

You have to right-click on the speeder in your inventory first before you can start cruising around the world. When you do this, it adds the speeder to your Vehicles tab. You can then drag the icon to one of your hotbars and activate it from there.

How do I add more action bars in swtor?

Hit esc and then interface editor. Also you should be able to click the + to the left of your quickbar and select a different default layout. Extended quickbars in the interface editor is probably what you're looking for. If you're F2P, you'll only get 2.

Can you make macros in SWtoR?

You can't have macros in SWtoR.

How do you equip abilities in SWtoR?

Help? Just left-click and hold on the ability you want to move and drag it to where you want it. If that's not working, make sure your hotbar isn't locked (a little lock symbol on the left side of the hotbar). If it is, click it and it should unlock.

How do I get a car in swtor?

At level 25, you can get your first Speeder (vehicle or mount), at either Tatooine, the Republic Fleet, or the Imperial Fleet. The Speeder Vendor Barik at Republic Fleet – Carrick station is located in Galactic Trade Market (coordinates: -4564, -4841).

What is a legacy Swtor?

The Legacy System is a game mechanic which links all of your characters on the same server together, and provides cross-character rewards and benefits. The system is unlocked once your character has completed their starting planet class storyline.