What are Templar relics in Diablo 3?

What are Templar relics in Diablo 3?

Templar Relics are charm-like special items, specific to the Diablo III follower Templar class. These relics boost Kormac the Templar's abilities and attributes. The Templar Relic cannot be equipped to a player or other follower classes.

Where do you get followers in Diablo 3?

To recruit a follower to join you (this will replace your existing follower if you have one), walk to their location, interact with them, and select 'Hire'. You can also interact with your followers to talk with them and learn about their history or ask for their advice on your current quests.

Where are followers in Diablo 3?

The followers, much like the Artisans, are recruited through quests that the player must complete in order to gain their trust and companionship. Once this is done, the Followers can always be found in the town area, where a player may choose one of them to accompany him into battle.

What weapons can scoundrel use Diablo 3?

The Scoundrel is able to equip bows, two-handed crossbows, two rings, one amulet and a Scoundrel specific item called Scoundrel Tokens at level 21. Like the other followers, the Scoundrel has three tiers of gear progression, which are based upon level.

What weapons can the enchantress use?

The Enchantress is able to equip two-handed staves, two-handed swords, two-handed maces, or two-handed axes, two rings, one amulet and a Enchantress specific item called Enchantress Focuses at level 18.

Where can I get smoking Thurible?

  • Tristram Cathedral.
  • Catacombs.
  • Caves.
  • Hell.

What do mirrors do in Diablo 3?

they are items to give to your follower.

How do I use miscellaneous items in Diablo 3?

those are items you can only equip on your followers. weapons in there are for the scoundrel, tomes are for the Templar, and the other stuff (mirrors etc) are for the enchantress. To equip your follower you open up the inventory screen, press R1 until you get to your follower and equip items that way.