What does the Dark Council do?

What does the Dark Council do?

The Dark Council is the ruling body of the Sith Empire. ... After the Treaty of Coruscant and the conclusion of the Great War, the Emperor withdrew to pursue his own mysterious goals, deferring power over the Empire to the Dark Council. The Dark Council then oversaw the consolidation of the Empire's new domains.

Is Darth Malgus on the Dark Council?

Malgus heavily disliked this, as he believed that understanding and progress only came through conflict. The fact he doesn't occupy a council seat even now seems to reflect his old position more clearly, he was more a figure akin to the warrior/scourge, now in an official capacity as the "empire's wrath".

Is there a Sith Council?

The Sith Council was a group of ten Sith Lords within the Sith Empire who served as advisors to the reigning Dark Lord of the Sith. This Council convened in a great citadel on Ziost. The Sith Council managed the affairs of the Empire. Each Lord that sat on the Council personally ruled over a minimum of a dozen worlds.

What sphere is Darth Marr?

A fearsome warrior and stalwart defender of the Empire, Darth Marr was born in 3702 BBY and assumed a seat on the Dark Council in his early twenties, leading the Sphere of Defense of the Empire as he drove back entire armies and halted Republic offensives during the Great War.

Can you save Darth Marr?

Yes. Once you get past chapter 1, you can go back into chapter 1, and then just quit out of chapter 1 once you have Marr as a companion, and can then headcannon whatever you would like.

What happened Darth Nox?

Again Nox is defeated and left to die by Thanaton, and doesn't have the power to make it for him/her self. ... The fight with Thanaton, end with another Darth slicing him down. Darth Nox couldn't even get close to turn a padawan to the dark side, and still desides to take a major security risk aboard her/his ship...

Can you switch sides in swtor?

Any classes can side with the opposite faction on Iokath and beyond. Only storywise and that bit is pretty much forgotten. There's no mechanical switching of sides.

What is the highest rank in the Sith?

Sith Ranks

  • Sith Lord. A powerful Sith rank. This rank is gained after Proving loyalty to the empire and completing missions for the Sith. ...
  • Darth. There are very few worthy of attaining this rank. ...
  • Emperor. There is only one member of this rank, and whoever holds it is the ruler of the Sith order.

What are Sith padawans called?

The term was used to refer to Force-sensitive apprentices who had only just started on the dark path under the tutelage of a more experienced Sith Lord. After the reformation, they are referred to as Sith Apprentices, or just "Apprentices".

Is KYLO Ren related to Darth Vader?

Kylo Ren has two parents: Han Solo and Leia Organa. Leia is the daughter of Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, making Kylo Ren the grandson of Anakin/Vader.

Who is Obi Wan Kenobi's daughter?

Leia Organa