What's the secret triumph for Gambit?

What's the secret triumph for Gambit?

One of the Secret Triumphs is In Sync. To get this trophy in Gambit, your fireteam has to deposit sixty motes at the same time, “during any match of Gambit.” In other words, four members of the fireteam have to get up to fifteen motes, and then all four have to bank them simultaneously.

Does hush count as a gambit weapon?

Hush, the Pinnacle weapons for Gambit, is a Combat Bow added with the Season of Opulence. As with most Pinnacle weapons in Destiny 2, Hush is quite a grind to unlock but it's well worth the effort if you're a bow user.

Does breakneck count for Dark Age arsenal?

Weapons released after that Triumph won't count. Breakneck, Hush, 21%, Exit Strategy, Python.

Is through fire and flood a gambit weapon?

"The passage to the Shore is not an easy road." Through Fire and Flood is a Legendary Grenade launcher introduced in Forsaken. It can be acquired through Legendary Engrams....
Through Fire and Flood
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Do gambit Pinnacle weapons count for Dark Age arsenal?

Dark Age Arsenal: Win a Gambit match with a Gambit weapon equipped in each slot. ... The only logical answer is that Prime and/or pinnacle weapons aren't classed as Gambit weapons.

Can you get bygones from gambit prime?

To obtain the Bygones Pulse Rifle you need to play Gambit and doing Gambit bounties you can acquire it as a drop. Random Rare and Legendary gear. Infamy points increase.