Is the traveler bad?

Is the traveler bad?

The Traveler isn't evil, but it is notoriously scared of the Darkness and has abandoned the civilizations it 'blessed' whenever the Darkness arrived to kick it's ass. That's what happened with the Eliksni, though that time it was Oryx that attacked rather than the Darkness itself. It's not evil, but is a coward.

Is ganyu better than Diluc?

Essentially, Ganyu has a higher dmg ceiling than Diluc, but he is much easier to play and she requires not only more finesse but a specific weapon and better play. And even with better play the behavior of enemies can mess up her dmg.

Is Aether older than lumine?

If you picked Lumine, then Aether will be the mature one, when they meet in the story. The trailers are all based on player picking Aether. But Lumine has lived longer than him 300 years. Of course, Lumine would be more mature.

Should I pick lumine or Aether?

The choice ultimately boils down to whether you want to play as a male or female traveller, and which character you prefer the look of. Polls on Reddit suggest that most people are going to choose Lumine, but some have suggested that they will pick Aether because of the majority of Genshin Impact's roster is female.

Who is better Aether or lumine?

Aether is faster while Lumine hits harder with her charged attack.

Is Venti the anemoi God?

Anemoi/Venti The Anemoi, or winds gods of Greek mythology; the four main anemoi are Boreas (North), Zephyrus (West), Notus (South) and Eurus (East); their Roman equivalents (Venti) are, respectively, Aquilo (or Aquilon), Favonius, Auster and Vulturnus.

Who is the God of Geo?

In Greek mythology, Gaia (/ˈɡeɪə, ˈɡaɪə/; from Ancient Greek Γαῖα, a poetical form of Γῆ Gē, "land" or "earth"), also spelled Gaea /ˈdʒiːə/, is the personification of the Earth and one of the Greek primordial deities.

Is Zhongli an Adepti?

Zhongli is USED TO BE an Ultimate Adepti until he becomes an Archon.

How did guizhong die?

During this war, Guizhong lost her life. It's said there was a great battle among gods in the Guili Plains, and during the battle "black dust choked the heavens and a thousand rocks splintered." Her final moments were also amongst the Glaze Lilies.

Is Zhongli a morax?

Zhongli was heavily foreshadowed to be Morax before it was confirmed with the release of Chapter I, Act III: Zhongli is extremely knowledgeable about money, government, and Liyue's traditions and history.

Is Zhongli vision fake?

Zhongli's Vision has a sideways Geo symbol. In addition, because he is the Geo Archon and has a Gnosis, his Vision is likely fake; one of his Voice-Overs reveals that he doesn't know that Visions allow their users to channel elemental energy, which is common knowledge.

Is Zhongli good Genshin?

Zhongli is one of the most handsome Genshin Impact characters and has recently become a fairly formidable geo DPS option thanks to the much-needed buffs he received in update 1.

Who is the Anemo Archon?


Is Venti a boy or girl?

So venti is genderless.

Who is the god in the beginning of Genshin impact?

The unknown god