What is the biggest fictional spaceship?

What is the biggest fictional spaceship?

The humongous city destroyer ship from Independence Day appears to be the most massive, at about 15 miles in diameter, and it's followed by titanic ships from the online multiplayer universe Eve, Warhammer, and Star Wars.

How did xenomorphs get to LV-426?

In Alien, LV-426 is the planet where the crew of the Nostromo first found the alien eggs that eventually gave birth to a xenomorph.

How did the alien get on the ship in aliens?

Inside the hold Ripley threw herself into a flight seat, cradling Newt against her as she strapped both of them in. Glancing up the aisle, she could just see into the cockpit where Bishop was fighting the controls. As they retracted, the sound of the landing legs pulling free echoed through the little vessel.

Is the ship in Prometheus the one from Alien?

Ridley Scott bills Prometheus as a "loose" prequel to Alien. ... The ship featured in Prometheus is actually not the same wreck seen in the original Alien and Aliens movies.

Why does David kill Shaw?

Instead, we meet a new crew of a colonist mission who hears an echo of Shaw singing in space. They land on a mysterious planet to investigate only to find that David has killed Shaw in order to use her DNA to develop more aliens and create his own special species.

Did David create Xenomorph?

Over the course of the movie, it's revealed that the android David (Michael Fassbender) is the creator of the xenomorph, using gruesome biological experiments to create what he sees as the perfect organism.

Are David and Walter the same person?

By contrast, Walter is an updated model of David, one who has had any human-like traits (like emotions and desire) wiped out. ... “More devoid of the human characteristics or emotional content that is programmed into David.

Did David kill Walter?

David likely killed Walter, removed his own hand and switched clothes with his synthetic brother. He then took a one way trip off of “Paradise” with embryotic tokens of his work in his synthetic tummy.

How does David kill Walter?

Walter intervenes and the two androids engage in a fight. Though Walter has the upper-hand, David reaches for a knife and defeats Walter, secretly assuming his identity. David escapes with the few survivors aboard a cargo lander, which is used to kill an Alien giving chase.

What is the black goo in Prometheus?

91 – 15, also known as Agent A0-3959X. 91 – 15 and referred to colloquially as the "black goo" or "black liquid", is an extremely potent and virulent mutagenic pathogen, composed of millions of small micro-organisms, that was manufactured by the Engineers, both to create life-forms and act as a biological weapon.

What is the black liquid?

Chemical A0-3959X. 91 – 15, more commonly known as the Black Liquid or the Black Goo, is a living, highly-mutable organic compound created as a biological weapon by the Engineers.

What is the creature in Prometheus?


Why did David in Prometheus poison Holloway?

He wanted to know what it felt like to create life himself (He even asks Holloway how far he'd go to find answers). ... Basically, just as Holloway put it, David did it because he could. He knew Holloway would be intimate with Elizabeth and wanted her to become pregnant.

Why did David drop the black goo?

And he has no need to talk to them, he already knows their Ways, and can Salvage more Information to suit his Own Agenda... from the Ruins of their Civilization. Thus the Real Reason he unloaded the Black Goo. The point that David makes about the Opera is that the Gods have forsaken and given up on mankind.

What does David say to the engineer?

Anil Biltoo — the London-based linguistics expert who taught actor Michael Fassbender the Proto-Indo-European language that David speaks in the film — who revealed that the happy android said the following during his big moment with the Engineer: “This man is here because he does not want to die.

What happened to Dr Shaw after Prometheus?

Sometime after the events of Prometheus, Shaw was killed by David (Synthetic). She was seen on a table dissected, being experimented on. David claims she died in the crash of the ship.

What happened to the deacon?

The Deacons did appear on the original version of the front cover to Alien vs. Predator: Fire and Stone #1, released by writer Christopher Sebela ahead of the comic's publication, but in the published version the Deacons were replaced by the Xenomorph warriors.

Does everyone die in Prometheus?

At the ending of Prometheus, Shaw is the last living human member who has survived. As Vickers dies, Shaw goes to the lifeboat and finds that her alien offspring is alive and has grown to be gigantic in size. David is severely damaged but still has an active head. ... An alien creature bursts out of the engineer's chest.

Who survived Prometheus?

Elizabeth Shaw

Why did the engineer kill himself at the beginning of Prometheus?

His reasons were indecipherable. However, for his own reasons, he decided to strike out and create a world in his own image, so to speak, giving humanity the gift of fire/life. In the myth, the Olympians were outraged and punished Prometheus eternally because they could not take back the gift.

Is Predator a good guy?

The Yautja, more popularly known as the Predators, are an alien race and the main antagonists of the Predator film series. They also appear as anti-heroes in the Aliens vs. Predator franchise. ... The Predators as a dangerous race are great hunters, with trophies from many species across the galaxy.