Who looks like Henry Cavill?

Who looks like Henry Cavill?

Matt Bomer

How old is Henry Cavill?

37 years ()

Who is Matt Bomer's father?

John Bomer

Is Matt Bomer a nice guy?

Matt Bomer is a nice guy — he just doesn't play one on film very often. And although the actor and father of three has occasionally felt a pang of anxiety over the family-unfriendliness of some of his roles, he recently got some helpful advice from fellow dad and costar Ryan Gosling.

Who does Neal Caffrey end up with?

Kate Moreau Kate is Neal's love interest and partner in the Mentor program mentioned at the end of Season 1.

Why did Adler kill Kate?

But Neal has lost too much to help Adler and demands to know why he had to kill Kate. Adler replies by saying that it was Kate's idea to blow up the plane, but when she called and said Burke had just arrived, Adler blew her up to prevent Peter from ruining everything.

Is Kate Moreau really dead?

Neal Caffrey Halfway through Season 1, Neal and Mozzie deduce that the one holding her captive is part of the FBI. ... They share an emotional conversation, and as Neal turns to Burke one last time, the plane explodes in a fiery inferno, leaving Kate dead and Neal distraught.

Why did Neal and Sara break up?

They did break up after she discovered that Neal and Mozzie were hiding a massive treasure, but that didn't stop her from having feelings for him. They rekindled their relationship until she had to move to London for a job offer. Since her move to London, White Collar never featured Sara again.

Who is Neal Caffrey girlfriend in white collar?

Sara Ellis

Who stole the art from Adler?

Mozzie admits he was one who stole the treasure and put it in the warehouse where Neal found it.

What happens to Neal Caffrey at the end of White Collar?

At the end of White Collar, Neal and Peter teamed-up one last time time chasing down the nefarious group Pink Panthers. ... Peter was able to take down Keller, who was running away with stolen money by shooting him in the head, but not before he shot Neal in the chest.