What are power weapons on Destiny 2?

What are power weapons on Destiny 2?

The executive summary is: power weapons are game changers in Destiny 2. Power weapons can be grenade launchers, rocket launchers, shotguns, sniper rifles, fusion rifles and swords – all weapons capable of dealing tremendous damage at different ranges and with varying precision.

How do you power up weapons in Destiny 2?

The Infusion System makes it possible to upgrade the Power Level of gear — weapons or armor. By infusing, you sacrifice one item in your inventory to empower another. Some gear can be pushed to the limit, and I recommend saving most of your Upgrade Modules for Exotics.

What is the power cap for Destiny 2?

Base Gear level - 1110 Power Level. Legendary Gear cap - 1250 Power Level. Powerful Gear cap - 1300 Power Level. Pinnacle Gear cap - 1310 Power Level.

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