Is Sai Kabuto's brother?

Is Sai Kabuto's brother?

Kabuto is NOT Sai's brother.

Who kills Madara?

Black Zetsu

Did Sasori lose on purpose?

More like gave up. Considering the final scene, Chiyo said he could clearly see the last attack coming, but he decided not to react. Giving up is not suicide, its just losing the battle. So, technically, he just lost the battle on purpose.

Can Itachi defeat Madara?

Itachi could have easily defeated madara as even kishimoto said in an interview that he had to kill itachi because if alive, itachi could have easily defeated madara. ... Madara has both Sage of 6 Paths and Rinnegan, Naruto and Sasuke have each so technically, one at a time, Naruto and Sasuke can't defeat Madara.

Can Itachi beat Kakashi?

In the anime, Itachi is certainly one of the most powerful shinobi. It has been observed that Kakashi was defeated by Itachi by the Tsukuyomi. This is one of the strongest jutsu that he could use.

Who feared Itachi?


What did Itachi whisper to Sasuke before he died?

“ No matter what you decide from now on… I will love you forever… You don't have to forgive me,Sasuke.” Those were the touching words Itachi said to Sasuke before he died.

Why is Orochimaru always smiling?

He has Sadistic Personality Disorder. That is why he usually smiles when others are in psychological or physical pain; especially if he is the one causing it. The pain and suffering of others is basically the dude's bread and butter.

Is Orochimaru a guy?

Orochimaru is a man. He is always addressed as male, always refers to himself as male, has male anatomy, is listed as male in all sources, etc.

Is Orochimaru a girl now?

Orochimaru has become the first LGBTQ character in the series. Orochimaru, a major villain in the Naruto series, has come out as gender non-binary. The character, who inhabits different host bodies in order to expand their life span made the revelation, in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

Why is Orochimaru evil?

Orochimaru (大蛇丸, Orochimaru) is one of Konohagakure's legendary Sannin. [4] According to Tsunade, Orochimaru had a twisted personality even as a child. ... His sadistic attitude was presumably due to the death of his parents.