Where is the real Shiro?

Where is the real Shiro?

The real Shiro died during the battle against Zarkon and his gigantic mech, but Shiro's mind was preserved within the Black Lion.

What happened to Shiro in Deadman Wonderland?

Ultimately, the fight ended in a final clash that put Shiro in a coma and Ganta being okay, however both lost their deadman abilities in the fight. Ganta goes to visit her every so often and in the final few pages of the series, she finally wakes up.

What is Shiro's disease?

Becker Muscular Dystrophy is a disease that effects muscle growth and strength, it's one of 9 different types of muscle dystrophy illnesses. The illness usually shows symptoms around late childhood to early adolescent ages, and moves at a slower pace than other degenerative muscle diseases.

What episode does Shiro get married?

In the episode "Clear Day", Curtis was seen in the audience watching Shiro arm wrestling. He was not visible when Shiro won his arm wrestling competition, and was seen hanging out with the MFE pilots around the same time. In the ending of season 8, Curtis and Shiro are married, and are shown kissing.

Does Shiro get married?

LGBT representation This show had various LGBTQ characters. Specifically, it featured three gay characters, Shiro and Adam, who broke up, with Adam dying several years later, but at the end of eighth and final season, Shiro is married to Curtis, a background character introduced in Season 8.

Who is pidge's boyfriend?


What is hunks full name?

Tsuyoshi "Hunk" Garret