Can hunters wear cloth WoW?

Can hunters wear cloth WoW?

In classic, hunters are able to equip cloth and leather items. Upon reaching level 40, they may purchase the ability to wear mail from their class trainer.

Can hunters Transmog cloth?

From what I recall, Hunter's wear mail, and are limited to transmogging to that. You can wear leather, but you won't be able to transmog it. Sadly Classes are only able to transmog gear into the the same type they're supposed to wear. Hunters are only able to transmog into Mail.

Can warriors wear mail?

Mail is worn by hunters and shaman. From classic WoW through Warlords of Draenor, warriors and paladins wore mail until level 40, where they could then equip plate armor. Hunters and shaman began by wearing leather armor until level 40, where they could switch to mail.

What armor can warriors wear WoW?

Warriors wear plate, and at level 50 they receive [Plate Specialization]. They are able to use shields, wear a variety of armor, and wield any weapon with the exception of wands. Warrior is one of the two classes playable by all races, Hunter being the other.

Can Paladin wear mail?

Every class uses a different kind of armor. Remember the platewearers learn it at their trainers at level 40, same for hunters and shammys with the mail. However, a paladin can also wear mail, leather and cloth, but a priest not leather, mail and plate.

Who can wear plate WoW?

Plate armor is the heaviest type of armor. Heavier than mail, leather or cloth armor, it is wearable by warriors and paladins from level 40 onwards. The ability to wear it is taught by class trainers and costs roughly two gold.

Can demon hunters wear plate?

In my opinion they will wear mail... as there is 3 cloth wearers , 3 leather , 2 mail and 3 plate. Demon Hunters wear Leather. They work similarly to Cat and Bear druids.

Can shamans wear plate?

Shamans are a tribal people that would not have funds nor access to plate armor, they are more apt to create their own armor with their trade skills and resources (animal fur, cloth, leather).