What happens if you kill Ryker?

What happens if you kill Ryker?

Tip: If you kill Ryker, his servants will die with him as well. Secret: The door at the beginning of this area that doesn't have a keyhole can be opened by a lever left from the mirror that's near Ryker (The mirror is on the wall to the far right of where Ryker is spawn in the basement).

Can you have more than 3 source points?

Is there a way to get more than 3? Nope, max is 3.

How do you get Mordus source points?

See: Source Masters. The dwarven sourcerer named Mordus can train you. In the quest Shadow over Driftwood you learn that Mordus is hidden in Wrecker's Cave, if you promise to spare his life, he will teach you to master source by eating a voidwoken heart. You can keep your word or kill him afterwards if you wish.

How do you light a ritual bowl?

Once you've combined the ritual bowl with the ingredients toss it onto the metal grate in the corner of the room and pull the lever to shoot a fireball at it. Then simply touch the glowing smoke.

Where can I find Lohar?

You can begin this quest by speaking to Lohar and agreeing to help him. He is found in a secret lair beneath the Tavern in Driftwood. This begins in a house in Driftwood.

Where is Cloisterwood?

Cloisterwood is a sub-area of Reaper's Coast in Divinity Original Sin: 2.

How long is dos2 act?

For me, Act 1 was 20h, Act 2 was 37h, Act 3 was 8h and Act 4 was 15 hours. For a total of 80 hours. Act 2 complete and you're basically at ~70% of the game.

What level should you leave nameless isle?

The Nameless Isle is a Quest and a Location in Divinity: Original Sin II, Act III....
The Nameless Isle
Suggested LevelClassic: 15-16 Tactician: 17
Next QuestThe Academy

What level should I be in Driftwood?

Driftwood has a variety of levels in it, you gotta be careful, you arrive at like level 8 or 9 typically, and the enemies you'll encounter are typically 8-15, so if you find an area that you can't do yet, just come back in a few levels.

Should I kill the advocate?

When you first talk to the Advocate, do not opt to immediately kill him! This quest has you clearing a necessary encounter for "The Secrets of Bloodmoon Isle"', and if the Advocate dies before this quest is finished, it will never close. ... Note: While the Voidwoken appear, you can use the chaos to kill the Advocate.

How do you deal with advocates?

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