Is Cayde-6 gone for good?

Is Cayde-6 gone for good?

The beloved Hunter Vanguard, Cayde-6, died during the Forsaken campaign in 2018. Players have long hoped and theorized he would return, but doesn't seem like Cayde-6 will come back to life in Destiny 2. If he does, the Sundial won't play any role in his resurrection or anyone else's.

Do we kill Uldren?

Forsaken antagonist Uldren Sov was killed at the end of the expansion's story, a troubling revenge act for the death of wise-cracking hunter Cayde-6. Bungie did not show who, exactly, put the bullet in Uldren.

Is Uldren SOV in beyond light?

Destiny 2: Beyond Light - [Spoiler] Has Returned, But Not How We Thought. ... With Beyond Light a few weeks in, it's now been revealed Uldren Sov has indeed returned to Destiny 2 -- but not how players thought. Uldren Sov is an awoken and the brother to the queen of the Reef, Mara Sov.

Is beyond light good for new players?

Destiny 2 Beyond Light's Overhaul is Much Friendlier to New Players. ... So they constructed a new player experience in New Light that mimicked Destiny 1, first waking up in Old Russia, going through the wall of the Cosmodrome, and finding a ship to bring the new guardian back to the Tower.

Is Hard Light still good beyond light?

Hard Light now has damage falloff, which floors at 0.

Is Hard Light good gun?

Hard Light is an exotic auto rifle that's been around since the original Destiny, but it's always been an average-at-best weapon to use for an exotic slot. ... This all sounds great except for its one main drawback; the weapon shakes violently during continuous fire, making it very hard to aim for precision damage.

Is the lie quest fixed?

Update: Bungie has a fix for "The Lie," and it's on the way. On Twitter, the developer said it will deploy Hotfix 2.

Why is Felwinter's lie so good?

They have the most consistent 1 shot kill rate out of all types of shotguns. And a godroll with the perfect perks for PvP like tightened barrel, accurized rounds, quickdraw and opening shot is as good as it gets. There are no other aggressive frame shotguns that would come with quickdraw, let alone all 4 perks.

Who killed Felwinter?

Felwinter was one of the nine Iron Lords who made it to the SIVA replication chamber and tried to stop the spread to adverse effects. He was killed when Jolder sealed the chamber with all the Iron Lords in it, bar Saladin, and blew it up.