Where can I farm powerful enemies in Destiny 2?

Where can I farm powerful enemies in Destiny 2?

Whether you just need powerful enemies in general, or are doing it for the power weapon multikills, Mars is the best place to be. Otherwise, if you don't want to do that, or can't, the next best place to is to go do public events. Heroic public events in particular have a penchant for spawning lots of powerful enemies.

How do you know when butter is taken?

The Hallowed Grove Lost Sector on the EDZ, near The Sludge, is a great option for most players. People who are new to the game will have access to it and can clear it pretty quickly. You should be able to pick up four or five Taken Butter on each run. The Lake of Shadows Strike on the EDZ is also a good option.

Where is the taken in Dream City?

In the Dreaming City, you'll frequently run into an event where enemies move against each other, which'll cause several Taken enemies to appear. The best area for this is Rheasilvia. If you don't want to wait for the event, you can also go into a Lost Sector with a Taken boss at the end of it.

Where can I farm dark ether cane?

To get Dark Ether Cane, you will need to kill Scorn enemies. You can do this with any weapon, or energy type, so it might make sense to farm for other ingredients at the same time. You can find Scorn on the Tangled Shore, and at the Dreaming City.

Where is the widow's walk Lost sector?


How often can you do Lost sectors?

Lost Sectors change Daily @ Reset, 10 AM Pacific. There is one Legend and one Master Lost Sector each day, each one has a chance to drop a piece of Exotic Armor (see schedule below). Complete normal version of the Lost Sector.

What are lost sectors?

Lost Sectors are a type of PvE activity that were introduced in Destiny 2. They consist of a hidden dungeon or side area that contains a large number of enemies, a boss enemy, and an unlockable treasure chest.