Can cyberware mods be removed?

Can cyberware mods be removed?

As shown in the picture above, there is currently no way to simply remove or unequip ocular system cyberware mods. It is only possible to replace them.

How do you Unequip Johnny's arm?

Go to your backpack then select category "All items" (icon with boxes), scroll down until you see item with an icon represeting johnny's arm, it's labeled as "common misc". To unequip it you need to go to any drop point station, sell it and buy it back.

How do you get better clothes in Cyberpunk 2077?

Upgrading armor and clothing in Cyberpunk 2077 explained Always make sure to check for any slots, which can then be customized at will with any cool mods you've found. But if you really want to (quite literally) take them to the next level, you can actually upgrade them in the Crafting menu.

How do I change my hair in Cyberpunk 2077?

While you (surprisingly) can't alter facial features, tattoos, or hair styles in a game literally about modifying physical features of your body, you can dress V up in a near limitless combination of outfits to (mostly) change their appearance.

Can you change V's hair?

At the beginning of Cyberpunk 2077, you're asked to select one hairstyle for your playable character, but once this is chosen, you can't change it again throughout the rest of your time in Night City. ...