Why is Gilgamesh obsessed with Saber?

Why is Gilgamesh obsessed with Saber?

Gilgamesh holds obsession to Saber in Zero and Fate route. That started when He, Saber and Iskandar are having a discussion of what makes a king, Saber then wanted to serve her country and her people better and Gil thinks that was naive and flawed, like a little girl's wish.

Why did shirou beat Gilgamesh?

Even with the advantages, he claims that Gilgamesh would win if he were to have time to regain his composure. ... The Reality Marble UBW is a natural counter to Gilgamesh, allowing Shirou, a below average magus, to completely overwhelm and defeat him.

What happened to Gilgamesh at the end of fate zero?

There was more than enough mana to grant Gilgamesh a human body, bring Kirei back and also to destroy the entirety of Fuyuki City. So, in short, Gilgamesh survived and became human at the end of Fate:Zero because the excessive convoluted mana that spilled from the Grail gave him a tangible physical body.

Did Gilgamesh die in heavens feel?

Gilgamesh died in HF in the same way as he died in the other two routes, by underestimating an enemy he should be able to beat. ... It's just a case of him being stupid enough not to make damn sure Sakura was dead before she managed to gain some semblance of control over her powers, regenerate and eat him.

How did saber die in fate zero?

Heaven's Feel is the bad ending for Saber. She is corrupted by the Shadow, a manifestation of Angra Mainyu and made Sakura's Servant. Towards the climax she is killed by the combined efforts of Shirou and Rider.

Did Archer die fate?

In the Fate and HF route, when Archer dies, he gets absorbed by Illya. In the UBW route, when he dies after the lesser grail is destroyed, its debatable what happens to him.