How to get Captains Log rs3?

How to get Captains Log rs3?

The captain's log is a book that contains personalised information about the player-owned port minigame. It is obtained after completing the player-owned port tutorial.

What is the point of player-owned ports?

Port upgrades allow players to have more ships operating at a time, boost resources gained from successful voyages, boost ship stats, or improve their chances to attract special adventurers and higher quality captains or crew.

What skills do you need for player-owned ports?

To efficiently create reward items, a combination of skills is usually required. For example, making Rocktail Soup requires 93 Cooking; in order to quickly gather the Spices needed, 90 Slayer is required to attract The Assassin to the port.

How do I get an arc Journal?

The Arc journal is a book that tracks the player's activities on The Arc. It can be obtained by speaking to Sharkborne on Waiko after completing Impressing the Locals. It replaced The Arc: A Tourist's Guide. Within the journal are pages for each activity and "A Tourist's Guide" at the end.

How do I get to Waiko rs3?

Getting there
  1. Players can travel to Waiko by talking to Quartermaster Gully located in Port Sarim, or Menaphos, after the player has completed the quest Impressing the Locals.
  2. Waiko teleports, purchased from Boni's Waiko Item Shop for 5 chimes, can be broken to teleport the player to the merchant hub on Waiko.

How do I get chimes fast?

For players with level 92+ Fishing, quicker chime-collecting via fishing can be accessed if the bank depository is unlocked on Whale's Maw and the player banks the raw seerfish and sillago, then later converting them into fish oil (requiring 91 Cooking) on any range or fire.

What do you use chimes for in rs3?

Chimes earned in this way cannot be transferred to player-owned port, but they can be used to purchase ports resources at the Ports Reward Shop, which can be used in the port. With taijitu, port trade goods may also be purchased. Chimes can also be found on uncharted isles.