Does GTX 1050 Ti need 6 pin?

Does GTX 1050 Ti need 6 pin?

GTX 1050 Ti doesn't require a 6 pin connector. Its efficient enough to get the power from the PCIE slot itself.

Where is the 6 pin power connector?

6-pin power connectors are typically found in low and mid-range graphics cards. The 6-pin power connector has 4.

Is Sata to 6 pin safe?

Short answer: yes, it will work. Longer answer: while it's possible, you really shouldn't do it. The 6pin pci-e connector is supposed to transfer up to 75w to the video card, so if you use a simple adapter that has a single SATA connector at one end, it's not going to end well.

Is a 6 2 pin the same as an 8 pin?

6+2 pin cables are usually exactly the same as 8 pin with added flexibility.

Are all 8 pin connectors the same?

They are completely different. The EPS connector is meant to supply power to a motherboard cpu socket while the PCI express connector is meant to supply power to a GPU.

Is Molex to 8 pin safe?

Welcome to the forums. If you have the adapter, then yes it is perfectly safe to do it.

What is a 8 pin power connector?

This connector is used to provide extra 12 volt power to PCI Express expansion cards. ... They are also occasionally called “PEG cables” where “PEG” stands for PCI Express Graphics. 8 pin PCIe power connector at the cable. 6+2 pin PCIe power connector at the cable.

Can you plug an 8 pin into a 4 pin?

As with plugging a 24 pin cable into a 20 pin motherboard connector, you can plug an 8 pin cable into a 4 pin connector and leave 4 pins hanging over the end but you can also have the same problems with things preventing it from fitting. It will work fine if it fits.

Can you use a 4 pin in a 8 pin?

The answer is yes. A 4-pin can be put, by itself, into an 8-pin CPU power socket and the machine boot up and run. It will give it what power it can, and if the CPU draws more than that, it will shut the system down.

How many watts does a 6 pin connector provide?

75 watts

Can you plug a 6 pin into a 4 pin?

No, the 6-pin connector is only for PCIe device and would fry your CPU/mobo. You PSU has a 4-pin connector (all ATX PSUs in the last 8+ years do). It might be a 4+4 pin plug... the plug can split in two. Otherwise, plug the 8-pin EPS into the 4-pin ATX12V plug... it will fit.

Does my power supply have a 6 pin connector?

No not all PSUs have PCI-E connectors, some have none, some have 1 6/8 pin and some have 4 or more. When it comes to the PCI-E connector the best rule of thumb to have is if the PSU does not have the connector for your card, it was not designed to support it.

Can you use 8 pin CPU cable GPU?

So in theory the card should be absolutely fine. For reference, if the card has just an 8-pin connector, then if you powered it with an EPS12V, it would have been exposed to -12V which would have almost certainly have caused it to fry - and would probably also have taken the motherboard out along with it!

What cable do you use for GPU?

Honorable. You need pci-e cables... that is what they call vga on your power supply. And yes there are 8 pins pci-e(vga), probably they will be 6 pin with another detachable 2 pin.

Do I need two PCIe cables?

As a general rule, the need to use two different cables from the power supply to serve graphics cards with multiple PCIe connectors comes from yesteryear, when power supplies were of at least dubious quality – although it is true that today many remain so – and use many different + 12V rails.

Should I use 2 cables for GPU?

Always separate cables with high power draw graphics cards. Using single split in the end cable doubles voltage losses compared to separate cable. And not only does it affect stability of 12V, but also ground refence of the card, because current causes voltage loss also on return path.

Why do I have 2 PCIe cables?

The only reason I know of to use 2 cables instead of one is that you have a multi-rail PSU. Something like the Corsair AXi series will let you monitor power draw on separate cables by assigning them to separate rails through the corsair link software.

What are PCIe 6 2 pin connectors for?

Some video cards have 6 Pin PCI Express power connectors and others have 8 Pin PCI Express power connectors. Many power supplies come with a 6+2 PCI Express power cable which is compatible with both kinds of video cards. The 6+2 PCI Express power cable is made up of two pieces: a 6 pin piece, and a 2 pin piece.

Are all PCIe cables the same?

Nope. There is no standard on the PSU side of the cable, so using other cables than what came with your PSU is a very bad idea.

How many PCIe cables do I need for a 3080?

You need 2 separate PCIe 8pin cables. It's rated for 320W, so there's definitely more than 150W being pulled per cable which would be out of spec for a single cable that splits into two. the pcie connector gives 75W, so its 375W total available with 2x8 pin cables.