What is needed for aq40?

What is needed for aq40?

Having at least 100 nature resistance is highly recommended. 4 tanks (warrior and/or druids) with at least 200 nature resistance (250 or more for Princess Huhuran. You will need 2 warlock “tanks” with at least 150 shadow resistance and upwards of 8,000 health to kill Twin Emperors.

Do healers need NR for Viscidus?

depends purely on how long the fight is gonna take. If you're 1-2 phasing it then i'd rock zero. If you're going to go longer then hit what the guild wants and stack mp5 for longevity. Just look at warcraft logs you can see gear worn by best kill times, none of them wear NR.

What should I farm in Phase 5?

Best WoW Classic Phase 5 Gold Farming Spots

  • Enchanting Weapon Oils. Two of the biggest new additions in WoW Classic Phase 5 came in the form of Brilliant Wizard Oil and Brilliant Mana Oil. ...
  • Chimaerok Tenderloin. ...
  • Dire Maul East and Zul'Farrak. ...
  • Final Thoughts.

How much nature resist do you need for Huhuran?

The ideal amount of nature resist each person should be aiming for is 200 unbuffed. This gear will also be needed to fight Viscidus, which is one of the optional bosses in AQ40. Acquiring nature resist sets takes some time and should be planned well in advance to this fight.

How much health does Huhuran have?

If too many ranged are hit by the Noxious Poison, it can spell disaster if too many healers are silenced or if Hunters can't get out Tranquilizing Shot. Berserk happens when Princess Huhuran reaches 30% health, gaining a massive attack speed bonus and pumping out Poison Bolts constantly.

Do casters need NR for AQ?

No caster needs NR. All these people saying you don't need NR gear because you're not soaking on huhu... i have full NR set but never use it in aq. melee might need it to soak on Huhu but ranged wont use it.