Why can't I buy Cartel Coins?

Why can't I buy Cartel Coins?

Betreff: I can't buy cartel coins try removing your current cards on the account and set them back up. that might do the trick. otherwise, call customer support as they should be able to tell you what is going wrong there.

What should I buy with Cartel Coins?

Rocket Boost, Legacy Fleet Pass 1-3, Legacy Travel 1-3, account-wide inventory space, account-wide bank space.

Can you buy Cartel Coins with credits?

Escrow packs do nothing. Cartel packs and cartel hypercrates can be sold on the GTN; you buy the hypercrate, and sell the 24 cartel packs inside unopened. ... Escrow unlocks do not allow you to use your cartel coins to "buy credits".

Can you buy credits in swtor?

No. There are "gold farmers" (term from other mmo's } where companies run bot programs to farm in game currency and will sell to you with whatever your national currency is. It is against the service agreement to sell/buy in this manner and can/will result in account bans.

Where do I buy swtor credits?

At IGVault you can buy SWTOR credits at very low prices! In addition, IGVault also offers various secure payment methods for our customers, such as Paypal, Skrill, Paysafecard, credit card, instant bank transfer, bank wire, etc.

Is Okaygold safe?

Okaygold” Very honest site. Safe to purchase from. Buy with confidence. Have been buying for over 6 months now.

Are Hypercrates worth it?

If you're looking for a specific item, then it's all up to probability (which is rather low), ergo it's not worth it. If you mean to make money out of hypercrates, there's 2 situations that may happen: you may sell the individual packs and make a medium margin, or you can open all the packs and sell their contents.

What can I buy with Jawa junk?

Jawa junk is best exchanged for companion gifts to be sold on GTN. It can sell for up to 100k for the purple one and around 3-7k per green one. Sith Hermit Upper and K5 Sniper are both rather common items that don't see for much at all for the moment.

How do you get Jawa junk?

Can you get jawa junk without been in a guild or by cartel packs? It only comes from the packs. But you can buy them off of the GTN.

How do you get the Jawa scrap?

You can also get the scrap from achieving your personal conquest goal. You trade the scrap for crafting materials in a 1 to 1 ratio. The Jawas are located in the Cartel Basar section of the Republic and Imperial fleets.

Where is the scrap peddler Swtor?

the Cartel Bazaar

How do I get a cartel certificate?

Cartel Certificates come out of certain cartel packs via random chance. They are not found at all in the first shipment of cartel packs or the nightlife packs.

Where is Blizz on Hoth?

the Ugnaught Cave