Can you change character appearance Swtor?

Can you change character appearance Swtor?

Yes, you can. There is an appearance designer which allows you to change everything about your character, with the exception of the gender. It can be found on the Imperial/Republic fleet in the Cartel Bazaar.

Is there a Star Wars game where you can create your own character?

10 Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens allows the player to create their own custom character. You can change their head, hair, body, and even the weapons they use.

Can you change species in swtor?

go to an Character Designer (I think) one is on the fleet in the Kartell Basar. Its a big Station under The Cantina Area with a holo face in the middle. ther you can change your Race and other things on your appearance.

How do I change my armor appearance in swtor?

To go to an Outfit Designer armor set, click on one of the numbered slots (1, 2, 3, etc.). Once your focus is on that slot, it will be identifiable by the Outfit Designer panel on the left side of the window. At any time, you can click Apply on that outfit to make it your character's appearance.

What does locked in collections mean Swtor?

"Locked in collections" means that an item can be unlocked in collections but you have not done so yet. In order to unlock it you need to bind (equip) the whole set on one character. Then the text will change to "Unlocked for Character in Collections".

How do you get armor mods in swtor?

In the Supplies section of your faction's fleet, you will find an Adaptive Gear Vendor. For relatively few credits you can pick up Adaptive Gear (the fancy name for Moddable). They are pre-filled with Armorings, Mods and Enhancements. But you can replace these with better ones as you level.

Where can I buy armor in swtor?

You can get new gear looks from a variety of different places in the game. The easiest place to pick up a new look is the Adaptive Vendor in the Supplies Section of the fleet – there's a bunch of really good armors available at that vendor, and each piece only costs 2,500 credits.

How do you repair armor in swtor?

armor vendors, click repair. Any vendor actually. There is a repair tab at the bottom of the window that pops up when you click the vendor. You can also click on repair all and it will do exactly that, repair everything.

How do you repair items in swtor?

Go to any vendor and right click on them. At the bottom of the vendor's menu is a button that says "Repair All" -- hit it. Do this every time you talk to a vendor and you'll never have a problem again. You need to go to any vendor and select the repair all button at the bottom of the vendor items screen.

How do I repair my lightsaber in swtor?

You can repair your equipment at any vendor. There should be a tab with repair on it, click it and you can repair each piece of equipment individually or do them all at the same time.

How do you repair durability in swtor?

Where can i get repairs? Medical droid or any vendor. There's a "repair all" tab at the bottom. After you've been "killed," you can always click medical droid, then get your equipment repaired in the same trip.

How do you get PVP gear in swtor?

PVP gear can be bought with commendations and tokens, earned by doing warzones, world PVP, and PVP daily/weekly quests.

Where is the spoils of war vendor Swtor?

There is a Vendor in the Supplies section of Imperial Fleet and Republic Fleet that contains Spoils of War Gear Boxes. These boxes contain a random piece of gear in them. The gear you get is determined by what box you buy and what your active Discipline is.

How does renown work in swtor?

How does Renown work?

  1. Renown XP works like Command XP. Everyone starts at Renown Rank 0 and begins earning Renown XP at level 75.
  2. Premium players who change to Preferred status at level 75 will earn Renown XP at a slower rate than Subscribers.
  3. You earn Renown XP for the same things you got Command XP for previously.

Where is Kai Zykken?

The elusive Kai Zykken sets up shop in the supplies section of each fleet to sell an ever-changing inventory of specific items. For the context of testing some things to understand about how he works. He is only available from Friday - Monday.

What is renown in swtor?

Renown gives you gear based on your item or gear rating. There is no more command rank and you don't need it because the rank in Renown is now irrelevant. If you have 306 gear you'll get the same from rank 30 as you would from rank 300.

What is max level in swtor?

level 70