Is ESO PvP dead?

Is ESO PvP dead?

PvP is very much alive. BGs which are non CP are instant queues over weekends and after office hours. Cyrodil compaign on Vivec is always alive during this time as well. Pvp could use some love but it's far from dead.

Where can I PvP in eso?

Cyrodiil is the only area where you can fight against others in the game. PvP fights are not allowed in other zones and Cyrodiil is the only dedicated territory for this. Overall size of the province is as big as it was in TES IV: Oblivion and there is enough place for fighting and having fun.

What guild should I join in eso?

If you prefer melee combat the best choice will be the Fighters Guild. If instead, you like to play as a stealthy character the Dark Brotherhood would provide you with the best skills. And obviously, Mages Guild will be a great choice for spell casters.

Is ESO dead on ps4?

PlayStation 4 owners who play The Elder Scrolls Online can breathe a sigh of relief as ZeniMax Online Studios has announced that despite the recent aquisition of ZeniMax Media by Microsoft, the popular MMO will still remain on the Sony console.

Is Elder Scrolls Online alive?

It's quite rare to see an online game thriving like this after many years. And the game is still very much alive and blooming with so many new and old players.

What's the best race in eso?

Breton, High Elf and Argonian are all very good healer races. Bretons have the overall best sustain by far. High Elf and Argonians are also very good choices for healers because of their magicka based passives.