Where is the entrance to the deadmines?

Where is the entrance to the deadmines?


How do you get into the deadmines Classic?

Getting to The Deadmines is pretty easy for Alliance. Simply fly to Sentinel Hill in Westfall and travel south into Moonbrook. You'll see a mine entrance.

What level can you enter deadmines WoW Classic?

The Deadmines
Advised level18-23
Minimum level10
Player limit5 (10)

What level can u enter deadmines?

Deadmines is the first dungeon available to Alliance players and is recommended for players between Level 17 and 21, but your group should ideally be above Level 19 in order to clear the final bosses. You should be able to clear the dungeon in just over an hour.

How do I get to RFD alliance Classic?

A Host of Evil is a "Kill Quest" that is picked up from Myriam Moonsinger right outside the instance portal to RFD. The quest requires you to kill Death's Head Cultist, Razorfen Battleguard, Razorfen Thornweaver, which are located throughout RFD.

What level is RFK Classic?

Razorfen Kraul (Classic)
Razorfen Kraul
Advised level32-35
Minimum level25
Player limit5 (10)

What is RFK Classic?

Razorfen Kraul (RFK) is a level 30 to 40 dungeon that can be located in the southern part of The Barrens. It is the ancestral home of the quilboar, obscured by thorns that grew from the corpse of the demigod Agamaggan.